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Question related to degree in physics !

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    hi this is Kiran,

    I am going to complete undergraduate physics. I am in B.sc final year. SO MUCH confused about degree stuff in UK.I read ZapperZ's article related to becoming physicist but it's related to USA.

    I am going to apply for UK universities. So, currently I am writing SOP (statement of purpose) for UK universities.however, I am not clear with my course which i have chosen. I need some help here....

    I am going to apply for M.sc theoretical physics.i don't know education system of UK.


    1.What is difference between research and Thought degree in theoretical physics?

    2.What theoretical physics actually study ?(I checked Wikipedia soo much confused..)
    does it cover all fields in physics ??

    3.what is difference between a theoretical physicist and a physicist ?

    what is difference between M.sc Physics and M.sc theoretical physics ?

    4.currently I am B.sc final year. how can I take M.sc with research ?
    How to get to P.hd ????
    what can I take ?

    5. I don't know whether physics would fill my belly or not. I don't know how much I would earn as physicist. I don't like to become lecture(why should I wast my time in teaching kids ? LOL) I love to become a researcher. time is very less..

    so, is it possible to do business on physics ? (I will never give up so . nothing is impossible)

    like opening a Channel on Physics like physicsTV ? I want to get into business to earn lot of money to educate poor people in my country and disabled people. who thought me to never given up in my life !!

    I made my decision that I will spend my whole life for physics to satisfy my curiosity.
    I am celibate too ha ha ha ...

    I want to make physics as my passion and Business.So, got to think !!

    Guys I am going to choose my career !!

    need help only at this point. then I will never disappoint any one of you....!!
    I will be helping you soon....

    you will be knowing me soon !!

    ha ha hah ha.......

    thank you for reading..

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    ok I am going to use Yahoo answers as my physics forum..
    I guess I don't get reply from any one.
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