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Question Related to Solubility and Common Ion Effect

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    So the question asks - What is molar solubility of AgCl in 0.1M HCl?

    Ksp = [Ag+][Cl-] ----> Ksp = 1.8x10-10

    After setting up the problem we get....

    Ksp = (x)(0.1 + x)
    1.8x10-10 = (x)(0.1)
    1.8x10-9 = (x)

    So the resulting answer is a Molar Solubility of 1.8x10-9, which to me is less negative than the Ksp, right? So with that being said, because it is less negative, and more positive than the Ksp, does this mean that AgCl will be more easily dissolved in HCl. Because a common ion is present, I would AgCl dissolves less because Cl is already in solution.

    Anyway, I am a bit confused, maybe I just have things backwards. Please help, thank you very much.
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    If you use [Ag] as the molar solubility of AgCl, then the solubility of plain 'ol AgCl in distilled water is ... what? Is it 1.8X10-10?

    Hint: x2 = 1.8X10-10
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    I have no idea what you mean by calling all these numbers "more positive" and "more negative". Apparently you mean something, but the wording you used makes no sense. All these numbers are positive. They are larger and smaller, but not "more positive" nor "more negative".
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