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Questions About Electromagnetic Radiation from Electricl Discharge

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    Hi all,

    I am a newbie reseacher postgrad.

    My work will be the title above and is anyone know whether it falls in Quantum Mechanics or general Electromagnetic physics?

    Actually what is so different in Quantum Mechanics since I saw it seems having some corrrection in EM radiation/photon theory of classical physics. Does it means most ppl digging knowledge in this field will be always heading to Quantum Mechanics at the end?

    I know that there are 2 model of EM study, say, Particle model and Wave model. but which one is crystal true and how to decide which to be used in particular study?

    How about the 4 Maxwell euqations that trying to represent EM radiation?
    Did Maxwell's stuff relates to Quantum Mechanics? I do not see any cross refrence since it's rare that a writer is discussing both topic in one book.

    Need experts of EM stuff to help me... blur... like swimming in the ocean and see no lands...
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    Modelling electric discharges EM radiation?What medium,what model and parameters?

    Maxwell's electrodynamics is classical theory
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    I came across the terms


    i wan to apply maxwell to the EM radiation from electrical discharge with AIR as dielectric and Metal as Eletrodes. Voltage in KiloVolt range
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    Than apply it.
    You have my permission . I think you don't need any QM in the work you are interested in.Is this good news to you ?:smile:
    Are you going to analize something like the relaxation of the Hertz dipole,with breakdown of air?
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