What is Discharge: Definition and 266 Discussions

A military discharge is given when a member of the armed forces is released from their obligation to serve. Each country's military has different types of discharge. They are generally based on whether the person completed their training and then fully and satisfactorily completed their term of service. Other types of discharge are based on factors such as the quality of the person's service, whether their service had to be ended prematurely due to humanitarian or medical reasons, whether the person had been found to have drug or alcohol dependency issues and whether they were complying with treatment and counseling, or whether the person had demerits or punishments for infractions or were convicted of any crimes. These factors affect whether they will be asked or allowed to re-enlist and whether they qualify for benefits after their discharge.

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  1. akansh_karthik_1

    B Initiation and the math behind Arc Discharges

    Arc discharges are characterized as being high current discharges. I have done some research and there are some conflicting answers on how ar discharges start. Thermionic / Field Emmision Explanation: Arc discharges can start in two different ways thermionic emmission, where intense heat...
  2. M

    B Why do capacitors not discharge everything immediately in LC circuits?

    I just started taking LC circuits, and I was wondering, when capacitors charge without a resistance, they charge immediately, so when they discharge in an LC circuit, why don't they "send" all of their charge immediately? Is it because that's how capacitors work in general, or is it because of...
  3. krissturm

    Flow discharge between 2 open water bodies connected by a concrete sluice

    Hello, Looking for help with a physics problem. I am dealing with a problem regarding the flow discharge between 2 open water bodies connected by a concrete sluice with gates. The issue is that the channel is not straight but rather a trapezoid (image of the cross-section below). The discharge...
  4. S

    Why Do Capacitors Behave Differently in Series and Parallel Configurations?

    Consider the above diagram. Once the first capacitor is charged, clearly it will have a voltage ##E##. Then when the switch is flipped, the cell no longer matters (there is no complete circuit which goes through the cell), so we have the first capacitor connected to the second one, and it looks...
  5. leVanw

    Capacitor Discharge: Impact of Capacitance on Discharge Intensity

    I don't know if the capacitance of a capacitor is large, the capacitor will discharge with greater intensity than other capacitors with the same voltage but smaller capacitance, right? Thanks
  6. environes

    A Is it possible to obtain excess energy from a Townsend discharge?

    Let us assume a continuous flow of gas that can be ionized between the electrodes where an electric discharge is generated. According to the principle of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another with losses, e.g. in the...
  7. Edy56

    Engineering Calculate time for capacitor to charge and discharge

    I really don't get this one. Why do I need V? Since I didn't use it, I assume my work Is incorrect.
  8. Austin_Tx_Rockets

    Does the discharge coefficient of an injector depend on the fluid?

    The discharge coefficient is the ratio of the actual discharge to the ideal discharge and can be measured experimentally. If one were to experimentally measure the discharge coefficient using water, would this value be constant for all incompressible fluids? What does the discharge coefficient...
  9. A

    3D electrical discharge creation (Zap Energy's Z-pinch)

    This is less of a nuclear physics question and more of an EE one, but I think this is the right place for it. There is a startup called Zap Energy and their approach to fusion is to create a inertial confinement pinch with an electrical discharge. This is a bit similar to what the Sandia labs...
  10. S

    Hospital Air Handler, Discharge Airflow vs. Static Pressure

    We have a new AHU installed for a Compounding Pharmacy. The unit has two return fans and two supply fans. They are installed in parallel and are powered by VFDs. In the event of one fan failing, the other fan is supposed to speed up to maintain static pressure in the clean environment. This...
  11. Astronuc

    Phys.org, 768-km (477 mile) US megaflash lightning discharge

    How often does something like this happen? It apparently stretched from central Texas, across Louisiana and Mississippi and into parts of Alabama, according to the image. https://phys.org/news/2022-02-longest-lightning-miles-states.html I've seen 'long' lightning bolts over a large city, but...
  12. N

    How does corona discharge create leakage current?

    In a normal circuit it's easy enough to visualize the path electrons take through a wire. Even considering leakage current in a capacitor, it's easy enough to visualize a large parallel resistance that current "leaks" through. Is there such a way to visualize corona discharge? I get that it...
  13. V

    B Why does an inductor discharge?

    A capacitor will discharge because once a path is created there is a potential difference $V=Q/C$. But for an inductor it's $L\frac{di}{dt}$. Why would an inductor want to discharge once you connect it to a capacitor?
  14. KyleGranger

    Current Path for Corona Discharge

    I am trying to understand the current path for corona. Assuming the corona appears on the high voltage electrode, how are the electrons actually flowing? I understand that with flashover a low resistance current path is created as the air is ionized but what is happening with corona?
  15. H

    The symbol t in the capacitor discharge formula q= (q0e)^(–t/RC)

    If none of the above is correct, what is a good definition of the symbol t (time)?
  16. naviakam

    Black body radiation vs electric discharge in a gas

    Black body radiation formula contains power and exponential terms. Electric discharge in a gas results in the ion acceleration; the ion distribution comprises power and exponential terms too. Any connection between these two phenomena (i.e. black body and potential) could be established?
  17. J

    Time for a capacitor to discharge

    I already how to properly set it up and execute the equation with natural log etc. 2/3q0 = q0e^(t/RC) 2/3 = e^(-t/tau) ln(2/3) = -t/tau t = -ln(2/3)tauThe problem should be trivial; however, -ln(2/3)tau is apparently incorrect. So is ln(3/2). Is there something I am missing?
  18. greg_rack

    Discharge of a capacitor and current in an RC circuit

    I'm having a few troubles understanding a few things about this circuit... Firstly, what does "In light of this, the potential between the resistors is ##16V##" exactly mean? If current isn't flowing, how could there be a potential between resistors? Secondly, how does current flow with the...
  19. greg_rack

    Time constant of a discharge RC circuit, capacity and charge

    So, the only thing which came to my mind in order to solve this problem was actually to write down the equations using the discharge function, being given two instants and their corresponding charges... but doing so I'm unable to find anything. Ideally, I'd say I should find the time constant...
  20. WhiteWolf98

    Calculating Discharge Rate of Fluid in Circular Area

    This is actually right at the start of another derivation, but I can't understand how the author gets the formula for ##q##. So the discharge per unit thickness is the circumference of the circle, multiplied by the velocity at that point (at ##r##)? I thought the formula for flow rate was...
  21. V

    Why does an excimer lamp produce a double filament discharge?

    I am experimenting with excimer lamps powered as capacitive discharge electrodeless pulses. The discharge, on a mixture of Kr and Cl, around 3 torr, appears a a double filament, why? See picture.
  22. Stephen Bulking

    Lightning rods and Corona Discharge

    1) Q: Why does lightning strike high and sharp targets like a lightning rod? A: Assuming that there is a massive collection of charge, possibly in clouds of a thunderstorm, trying to get to the ground where there is a pool of the opposite charge through an insulator that is air. I believe this...
  23. P

    Pressure required for water discharge

    Hello everyone, I am very interested in knowing the relation to determine the pressure required to push the water upstream. In the attached picture, water is filled inside a tank of volume V and air is constantly flowing inside the tank through an inlet with constant flow rate M. Water should...
  24. vis viva

    What happens to cations and electrons during and after a gas discharge event?

    As I understand both cations and electrons are produced between cathode and anode in a gas discharge, but what is their imminent fate, during and post discharge event? The majority of information I could find only covers the electrons from the time of the first ionization event to impacting the...
  25. S

    Wavelength of the red colour of this helium discharge tube

    Red has the longest wavelength compared to the two other colours so the location of red will be at point C. x = 11.5 cm L = 30 cm d = 1870 nm Putting all into the formula, I get λ = 717 nm Where is my msitake? Thanks
  26. K

    Discharging this capacitor in an RC bridge circuit

    The voltage source in the circuit below has been switched on for a long time when the switch S switches off. How long will it take before the current coming out of the capacitor has become less than 1 mA? My attempt: I am far from sure that my solution is correct. This is because i...
  27. V

    Can High Activation Energy Explain the Rapid Discharge of Capacitors?

    I would be grateful if someone could explain where my reasoning or assumptions are wrong.
  28. N

    Suggestion for a gas discharge lamp

    There is a physics event being organized in my college for which I had planned to make a muon detector. I have the circuit ready which brings 240 volts ac mains source down to 80 volts dc supply. But now, I am facing a serious problem. I have been unable to find a neon glow lamp. Basically, mý...
  29. A

    High pressure gas discharge fusion

    I thought to myself , have there any been any physical attempts or calculations in theory about the possibility of creating a net electrical gain of energy from a pulsed fusion approach where a high pressure/density gas mixture is prepared constantly within a container and a high current pulse...
  30. S

    Battery Charge and Discharge Time Calculations

    I am performing some calculations but struck with confusion whether I am doing it correct or wrong due to contradictions of these calculations on different calculators websites. I hope here someone will help me with the validation of my calculations. Battery Capacity = 150 Ah Battery...
  31. jerromyjon

    High voltage coil discharge polarity for vehicle spark plugs

    I've recently had a discussion with fellow technicians in the automotive industry about spark plugs and some systems having "opposite polarity" on the ignition coils. (specifically the secondary coil which sends the high voltage pulse to the plug which sparks the fuel) Common sense tells me...
  32. nmsurobert

    Van Der Graaf Generator with no discharge wand

    I came across a three Van Der Graaf generators in a closet here where I work. None of them have the discharge wand. Does anyone have any DIYs for a wand?
  33. mktsgm

    Leukorrhea: The White Discharge & Its Secrets

    Women generally experience mucous white discharge often called Leukorrhea. There is physiological as well as pathological leukorrhea. I want to know what secrets or where this secretion comes from? Is it from the vagina itself or does it come from the uterus or some other place? Is there any...
  34. E

    Can a capacitor discharge as a result of being struck?

    I am curious if a large dielectric capacitor on the verge of discharge could be put over the edge by physically hitting it.
  35. Roy S Ramirez

    Measuring the Discharge Coefficients of a Rocket Injector

    Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing well. I built a liquid rocket injector and the following feed system: I started to do hydro-static tests (cold flows) and a program I wrote records all the data for me (except for the flow rates which I measured experimentally by collecting the water...
  36. Simpcar

    Discharge in a DC RC circuit and negative sign of current

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to understand why when writing the differential equation of a discharging RC circuit V_C-Ri(t)=0 \to q(t)/C - Ri(t)=0 we replace i(t) with -\frac{dq(t)}{dt}. I read many threads but I don't understand the physics behind this. The usual answers I read are something like...
  37. F

    How does high humidity affect suction pressure & discharge pressure?

    In Chapter 40 (titled Typical Operating Conditions) of my textbook Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technology, the authors list several different objectives for readers at the beginning of the chapter. One of the stated objectives is for the reader to be able to describe how humidity affects...
  38. D

    How to create device that makes electrical discharge

    How do I build a device that creates An electrical discharge between wires? I can build an oscillator. Do I Connect an oscillator to a transformer and connect the transformer to a pair of wires?
  39. C

    Why Does a Static Electric Discharge Make a Sound and Light?

    Since electrical charges causes a sparkle or a crackle which is light and sound. Also light and sound are forms of energy does that mean that electrical discharge releases energy and if yes then the release of energy have an effect on charge
  40. S

    How spacecrafts discharge static electric charge

    I was wondering how spacecraft s discharge when encountering van allen belts (for example the juno spacecraft around jupiter) since obviously there is no earthing and is it possible to remove excess charge to power something on the craft?
  41. V

    Calculation of pressure variation due to fluid discharge

    Dear all, I have a headache and I need you help, with the following problem. I need to create excel sheet for the calculation (estimate) of the size of the orifice on the orifice plate that will produce a pressure reduction rate in pipeline at 0,5 bar per minute. It is not important to...
  42. R

    Cold plasma technology and barrier discharge systems

    Hi there, I am currently doing a project involving cold-plasma technology systems. I am struggling to find papers relating to surface-micro barrier discharge systems, and the difference between those and dielectric barrier discharge systems. Any help would be greatly appreciated, however basic.
  43. J

    Can large static discharge cause vision to see white flash?

    I just googled to see if this was a known thing and saw there was a closed topic on the subject. Usually I like to think of myself as a creature of logic and love to point out when other people distort reality to support their emotions but now I am all alone and trippin' about what follows. For...
  44. C

    Electrical How to maximize the efficiency of the corona discharge generator

    Hi, I have a wirmhurst electrostatic generator and I want to use it to create a corona discharge. My common sense tells me that the metal "shaft", which connects to the metal spheres should lead to significant (electron) leak, since it has a much smaller radius of curvature than said spheres. If...
  45. Dan Jenson

    E Field at a Glow Discharge Tube Cathode

    I am trying to understand the "strong" negative E field in the Aston Dark Space in the thin region close to the cathode or else even the cathode surface. See the diagram at: http://www.glow-discharge.com/?Physical_background:Glow_Discharges My question regards the "Electrical Field E" graph...
  46. A

    Discharge of a Pressure Vessel Containing Liquid Nitrous Oxide

    Homework Statement I want to design a closed tank with an orifice hole (that can be opened and closed remotely) at the bottom of the tank and model how the mass flow rate of liquid nitrous oxide changes with respect to time, as the liquid nitrous oxide leaves the tank due to a pressure...
  47. P

    Why Does High Frequency Corona Tend to Orient Vertically?

    I noticed high frequency (greater than 800khz) corona tends to orientate vertically as if it were a flame with a strong air blower beneath it regardless of electrode positioning. This is not the case for DC and low frequency AC corona. Is there a reason why high frequency corona orientates...
  48. A

    Quantum Field Theory. Electric discharge

    How work triboelectricity in QFT? Materialists exchange electrons as well as in classical theory?
  49. S

    Minimum breakdown voltage in Neon, Electrode spacing in mm

    Hello all. I am conducting a simple research project, and am having a little trouble with the math for paschen's law. my question is. At 74762 Microns of pressure, using pure Neon gas, what is the electrode spacing in mm for the minimum breakdown voltage of that gas? Thank you.