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Questions about magnetic force between different strength magnets

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    I have some very basic question that I've been struggling to find the answer to and before I go and buy some magnets to do some test of my own I thought I'd ask here:

    Do two magnets of different strength repulse each other at the same strength, or does one repulse the other more strongly?

    Is the point of repulsion always at an even distance between two magnets, or can this be changed to be closer to one object than the other?

    Does a magnet attract Iron or do they attract each other evenly by sharing the magnetic field?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    The answer to both of these questions is Newton's Third Law. Forces between things are always equal in strength and opposite in direction. If magnet 1 attracts magnet 2, magnet 2 attracts magnet 1 with the same force. If a magnet attracts a piece of iron, the iron attracts the magnet with the same force.

    I don't understand this question. What is "the point of repulsion"?
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