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Questions about the Energy Catalyzer

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    I have heard that the nickel hydrogen fusion reactor is using a special catalyzer to work.
    My questions are:
    *Will it REQUIRE the catalyzer to work, or does that just greatly improve it's effectiveness?
    *Does it require 100% 64Ni?
    *What pressure is the hydrogen at?
    *Does it give off any radiation [itex]\alpha[/itex],[itex]\beta[/itex],[itex]\gamma[/itex]?
    *How long could the reaction continue before it runs out of Nickel?
    *At what rate does it expend hydrogen?
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    There are no solid answers to your questions.
    It appears, based on the various web reports, that it does not need 100% 64Ni and that the hydrogen is streamed at near ambient conditions, at a very low consumption rate, (maybe 5000cc/hr?). The catalyzer may or may not be necessary.
    There is no data reported on radiation emissions, although physicists have noted that the purported reactions would produce them. The rate of nickel to copper conversion is not specified. Although it is claimed to occur, there was a comment stating the copper was identical to natural copper in isotope composition.
    Just color me skeptical. I'm more inclined to believe the suggestion that the device uses Raney nickel, which has tremendous surface area plus hydrogen to produce its results.The Pons Fleischmann experience of a hole burned into their lab bench top from their palladium/hydrogen cell should remind us all to respect the energy that adsorbed hydrogen can carry.
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