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Questions concerning Kinetic Molecular Theory

  1. Mar 25, 2013 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Consider two gases, A and B, in containers of equal volume. Both have the same temperature and pressure. Mass of A = 0.34 g and Mass of B = 0.48 g

    True or False: (justify your answer)
    a. The number of molecules of A is equal to the number of molecules of B.
    b. The molar mass of A is greater than the molar mass of B.
    c. Both samples have the same average kinetic energy.
    d. The molecules of A have the same average velocity as the molecules of B.
    e. The molecules of A collide with the container walls more frequently than the molecules of B.

    2. The attempt at a solution

    a. True, both containers have the same volume. According to Avogadro's Law, equal volumes of gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of particles.
    b. False, container B has a larger overall mass with the same amount of molecules as A, therefore it must have a larger molar mass
    c. True, the temperature of both containers is equal. (The kinetic energy of A is equal to B. Although the molecules of A are lighter, they are moving faster)
    d. False, the average velocity of A is higher than that of B.
    e. True, the molecules in A must collide more frequently in order to exert the same amount of pressure as B.

    Am I correct in my reasoning?
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    I think all are right.
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