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Homework Help: Questions In Electricity And Thermal Physics

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    Within one month and a half I will be taking an exam in this section of physics and I need answers for some questions or in fact lots of questions:

    que 1 / when a filament lamp glows that means it has been heated and as I understood from physics that light is emitted when electrons come back to their original energy levels what i am wondering is how these electrons come back and the heating process is continueing or the energy is still giving??

    ques 2 / Can any of you provide me the structure of an electric cell??And the same for a battery?

    que 3 / It is said that energy inside a battery is produced by the chemical reaction and what I am wondering is why the chemical reaction is only taking place when the battery is connected to a component?Or I am mistaken, the chemical reaction is taking place even if the battery is not connected??

    Looking forward to recieving answers.

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    Hey come on gays help me in answering these questions....
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    :bugeye: :frown: :bugeye: :frown: :eek: :eek: :surprised
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    This is not an "answer" service. Try the questions and we can help you through them. Searching Google is great for finding facts.
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    Start at wikipedia.org, and do searches and some reading on subjects like batteries, light bulbs, black body radiation, electron orbitals, light, etc. That will get you far, my friend.

    Then after you do that background work, please feel free to post specific questions here (showing your work up to the point where you are stuck or confused). Welcome to the PF.
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