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Questions on the Strong Nuclear Force

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    I've been researching and I came across the Strong Nuclear Force. This is apparently the strongest force ever, and only occurs in nuclei at an atomic scale. Now, when a nucleus becomes to big, radiation will occur to decrease its size and return it to a stable state.

    Does radiation occur, because the Strong Nuclear Force is unable to hold that many baryons together?

    And someone confirm if the following is true; Gluons are bosons, and are responsible for keeping quarks together through the use of the Strong Nuclear Force.

    Thank you.
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    Although I cannot provide exact sources right now, I would say this is true.
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    The strong force is still there - but with increasing mass the electromagnetic repulsion grows faster than the attractive strong force, so very large nuclei tend to emit alpha particles (helium nuclei). Some smaller nuclei do the same, it is not limited to heavy nuclei.
    The action of gluons is the strong force.
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