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Questions regarding the synthesization of lightning

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    I'm trying to build a chamber than can recreate the process of a lightning strike. I realize that I need to charge the top and bottom (or both sides) of the chamber with extreme opposite charges, and I also realize that I need to simulate the atmospheric conditions of a lightning cloud within the chamber.

    I have a few questions. Number 1, does the distance between the top and bottom (or sides of the chamber) of the chamber make any difference to the possibility of generating a lightning strike? Number 2, what could I use to generate an extreme + charge and an extreme - charge? Number 3, How can I contain the extreme - and extreme + electromagnetic charges specifically to the top and bottom of the chamber, without the electric charges spreading to the synthesized atmosphere and walls of the chamber.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    That's a pretty dangerous project if you haven't worked with high voltage much in the past. I'm afraid that we can't be of help to you on this project (beyond the link that has already been posted).
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