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Quick idea on the make-up of matter

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    I'm just throwing out and idea when I say this, but what if matter isn't made up of point particles or 1 dimensional strings at all? What if matter is constantly in a state of energy and matter? This would eliminate the 11 dimensions needed for m-theory,which would keep us at the good ol' 4 dimensions that we all know and love, and is very much like the idea of wave-particle duality. The math is already there, e=mc^2, why not put the conversion to work? Again, just throwing thoughts out there, so feedback on why this wouldn't work would be wonderful.
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    Or, on the other hand, what if energy is constantly in a state of matter and energy? You're not making any sense.
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    I'm no expert (obviosuly), but Bill_K is right, this doesn't make any sense. CIANSA is basically saying, "What if apples were really apples and oranges?" What is that supposed to mean?
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    I'm just saying that matter isn't ever really just matter, it is ALWAYS in a state of matter and energy.
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    Yes, I think everyone gets what you are saying, what YOU don't seem to get is that it isn't particularly meaningful.
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    It might explain the complete make-up of matter, instead of using 0 dimensional point particles or 1 dimensional lines.
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    Yes, and unicorns might exist, but as far as I know, they don't.

    You are going to have to come up with a LOT more than just throwing some words together to get anyone to take this seriously.
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    I know, I was just wondering if it was even a possibility.
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    Is WHAT a possiblity? You have thrown out some words in a way that doesn't seem to make sense and you have not offered any actual theory.

    Look I'm NOT trying to give you a hard time on this but you really are just tossing out words. You need to be a LOT more specific about what it is that you think could be happening.
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    I'm just thinking about the possibility that matter exists in a matter-energy duality of sorts and if it appears as matter or energy at a given time is completely dependant on the situation, much like wave-particle duality.
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    Matter always has energy, but energy does not have to be "matter" with the common meaning of that word.

    In addition, your statements are just words. Can you show how your concepts would/might change/influence/predict any physical process?
    Physics is not philosophy.
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