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Quick question about air conditioners

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    Hi everyone

    I've lived in "hot" and "cold" countries and the a/c systems installed in the homes are desgined to either "cool down" or "warm up" the house. So take the heater for instance. There is a 10 degree mark on the dial. Now 10 degrees is pretty cold. So what is stopping me from turning my heater into a cooler?
    For that matter, what is stopping me from cranking my cooler up to 35 degrees and get a heater out of it?

    There must be something wrong with my understanding of A/Cs but on the heater.. it DOES say 10 degrees... and 10 is cold!

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Are you sure it isn't just a dial that is calibrated to a scale? Not actual degrees?
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