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Quick question regarding a step in a bra ket derivation

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    In class we went through the derivation of the energy of a perturbed system, ive dug my old notes out and found a bra ket derivation of the same thing, theres just one step that doesnt look right and was wondering if someone could tell me if its a misprint or actually correct (and why).

    [tex]E_{n}^{1}\left \langle \Psi _{k}^{0} |\Psi _{n}^{0} \right \rangle = E_{n}^{0}\delta _{kn}[/tex]

    im assuming its a misprint, but then its presented in the final solution.i.e. you need everything in terms of [tex]E_{n}^{0}[/tex] for it to work.
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    Indeed, ##\left \langle \Psi _{k}^{0} |\Psi _{n}^{0} \right \rangle = \delta _{kn}## so what you say should hold. Without seeing the full derivation and knowing exactly what is being argued, it is difficult to tell though.
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    Thanks for the reply! I managed to borrow my freinds scanner and have attached the derivation. I've put a red arrow (2nd file) which indicates the problem / misprint. As you can see you need it as printed to get alpha k n.

    edit yes its a misprint, the term goes to zero in the following step, must be going blind!!! thanks for the help anyway!!

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