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R Chart with probability limits

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    Am all confused...W is the relative range right?
    Where do we get the value of W from - which table....... proff got
    W0.999 = 5.483754 & W 0.001 = 0.367392
    (Que: Suppose we want to use probability limits with α = 0.002...sample size is 5)
    Please help & explain.
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    I have no idea what you are talking about. Please try and formulate your question in a more understandable way.
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    Suppose we want to use probability limits with α = 0.002. What are the control limits for theX and R charts?

    Sample size is 5....All I want is how do we calculate R limits

    Solution : W 1 - α/2 = W0.999 = 5.483754

    Just want to know what table he has referred to get this answer?
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