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Rachel Maddow's Moment of Geek: Metrology

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    I think I love this woman. :) She wishes us a happy Metrology day!


    She had a guest as well, and let him actually SPEAK.
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    My neighbor is a manager of a metrology lab - too bad I didn't see her today to wish her a Happy World Metrology Day!
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    what an interesting yardstick you have
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    I am a bit jaded by experts who get 30 seconds or so to counter a barrage of idiot questions from an anchor. That aside, thanks for the compliment, the ladies can't get enough of my yardstick, although given that length when I become aroused I faint. :biggrin:
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    ja, she's one of the better ones, unlike that douche that comes before her
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    No argument there, MSNBC is painful, but she's a lot of fun. Openly biased, but whip smart and for all that she lectures, she also listens. Oberman, Joe... they are some psychotic photo negative of Beck and O'Rielly.
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