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I Radial BAO size method and Hubble parameter

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    Can anyone tell me what the radial BAO size method is?
    how do people use it to get to the H(z)?
    I am reading the paper "Constraints on the Dark Side of the Universe and Observational Hubble Parameter Data " by Zhang et al. and I think I am lost!
    Can anyone tell me very simple, how they do it?
    -So they get the spectrum, find the redshift, and then look for adot/a ?
    -How do they find adot?
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    It's described here, and unfortunately it isn't terribly simple:

    The description is in section 4, page 14.

    Basically, they take the "fiducial" expansion rate from a simple expansion model, and then correct it by comparing the observed correlation peak and compare it with the peak as measured from the CMB.
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