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Radial probability distribution (rpd)

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    Radial Probability Density = R(r) : Square of the Radial Wavefunction
    The required volume is determined by the volume of the SPHERICAL SHELL enclosed between a sphere of radius (r+dr) and a sphere of radius r

    rpd = radial probability density × volume of the spherical shell = R2 × 4πr2 dr

    how then did they cancel the dr and directly write:
    rpd = R2 × 4πr2


    also how could only radial probability be multiplied by volume? shouldn't the whole wave function be multiplied by the volume?
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    The density function is the derivative of the distribution - that's where the dr went.
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    derivative with respect to what????
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    The cumulative distribution is F(r) and the density function R(r) = dF(r)/dr
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