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Radiant barrier - surface geometry

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    Hello, first post, don't know if I got the section right tough..

    Basically I was wondering, if the efficiency of radiant barrier (for home insulation or industrial, high T) could be improved with different surface geometry eg wavy, triangular, pyramids?

    Why I'm wondering - the reflective surface of electric heaters produced in USSR had a traingular surface shape and the bends was 112 degrees. Always.

    Is there something valuable to learn from this or was it just a design feature? Does the 112 angle provide better overall reflection or..?

    Sorry, EN isn't my 1st languague..
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    Radiant heaters try to focus the radiation, which is completely different from what a radiant barrier is doing. Flat is best for that.
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    Are there any research to support that or is it just common sense or something else?
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