Radionuclides of radon and thoron

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what is the difference between Bq/m3 and Bq/Kg/h. can the exhaltion rate of radon and thoron for the sediments can can be in the units of Bq/Kg/h.

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Becquerel = 1 decay/second (1/s, or s-1), so it is a measure of activity.

Bq/m3 is activity per unit volume (in SI). Bq/kg would be activity per unit mass (in SI or mks).

The term Bq/Kg/h is specific activity per time in decays/s/kg/h, so it represents the rate at which the specific activity is changing, which could happen due to decay (or transmutation) of the nuclide and due to mass transport (exhalation or excretion in a person) into or out of the control volume.

Activity is given by the product of the decay constant and the number of atoms of a given nuclide.
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thank you sir