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Rail Gun using disposible camera's flash charger

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    I made a rail gun that is 3" long with a disposible camera's flash charger. The one problem i had was that i couldnt get the spark to jump across the two rails. So i took a piece of metal with plastic on the outside and touched the bolts on opposite sides and got a large spark but not shock. Is there something i didnt do right?

    This is the sight i used "www.geocities.com.nyud.net:8090/physicsthings/microrailgu.htm"[/URL]

    I probably should mention that i did not have the negative wires separated like the guy said because i thought that was stupid and i would just wait untill tomorrow to get a switch.

    Also this might be helpful the capicitor im using on the charging mechanism is 100uF and 330wv.
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    Ok so I got a spark with one capacitor which was the photo flash one that was allready on my charging board. My question now is should i just get three more of these same caps or could i use a 250v 470uF capacitor with three smaller 6.3v 3300uF capacitors, or is that just setting myself up for death?
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    My personal opinion here is that if you don't know exactly what you're doing, stay the hell away from it. It's the equivalent of someone with no knowledge of chemistry trying to make nitroglycerin in his bathtub. Considering that the thing can't even develop enough force to put a piece of pencil lead through a sheet of paper, but can deliver a lethal shock, it's not worth the risk to your personal well-being.
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    ok well they are all discharged i made sure of that i was just making sure of which ones to use, i know how to discharge them and wire them in a series, ill just go buy a few from a camera....
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    Is this an attempt at humor? becasue if it is it completely failed.:redface:
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    well its apparent i will get NO help so....

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