What is Rail gun: Definition and 28 Discussions

The Picatinny rail ( or ), or Pic rail for short, also known as a MIL-STD-1913 rail or STANAG 2324 rail (canceled), is a military standard rail interface system that provides a mounting platform for firearm accessories. It was originally used for mounting of scopes atop the receivers of larger caliber rifles. Once established, its use expanded to also attaching other accessories, such as: iron sights, tactical lights, laser aiming modules, night vision devices, reflex sights, holographic sights, foregrips, bipods, slings and bayonets.
An updated version of the rail is adopted as an NATO standard as the STANAG 4694 NATO Accessory Rail.

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  1. J3J33J333

    Why don't cars use something like a rail gun instead of combustion?

    Why don't cars use something like a rail gun instead of combustion to drive pistons?
  2. rcgldr

    I Rail gun - point of application of force?

    A rail gun exerts an electromagnetic force on a projectile. The only moving object is the projectile, so is the point of application of force moving? Update - For others reading this thread, after a re-think on this, for linear motion (as opposed to angular motion), the point of application of...
  3. P

    Can Ion Thrusters with Continuous Iron Expulsion Power Interplanetary Probes?

    if one once of Iron was accelerated to 80% of the speed of light, could this be use of as a means of thrust for an interplanetary probe? where the probe has a continuous expulsion of Iron. and ignoring the need massive amount of power.
  4. dedocta

    I FRB's source as Rail and/or Coil Guns (or mass drivers)

    Summary: FRB's source as Rail and/or Coil Guns (or mass drivers) Hello, I've been studying rail and coil guns recently, and certain applications of this technology can result in some pretty high speeds with a significant amount of mass. I've been wondering if these FRB's could be a result of...
  5. D

    Rail Gun Problem: Force & Friction Analysis

    Homework Statement Homework Equations F_f = Nu F_B - IL x B The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Using the hint "The rod will begin to move when the force of friction is equal to the force due to the magnetic field." I was able to get the answer But I don't understand why it is that way. In...
  6. Alexander Stroborg

    Can a 400V 2200µF capacitor propel 0.5g through a rail gun?

    I am planning to conduct an academic experiment involving an electromagnetic projectile. I originally planned to build a rail gun powered by a 400V 2200µF capacitor, I've read a lot of discussions that say rail guns require a tremendous amount of current. Is this capacitor sufficient to propel...
  7. 1oldman2

    Alternate uses for rail gun technology

    After reading the following article and watching it's accompanying video I'm left wondering if the technology could be used for other projects than military. I understand that military programs account for many useful (as well as profitable) commercial ventures, but this one has me wondering...
  8. C

    Railgun and the laws of physics

    I just made a rail gun using two ring stand poles, a steel ball, and a car battery. Maximum velocity is about 5 cm/sec. What is strange is that it is shooting the wrong way. Defying the laws of physics and right hand rule. Any ideas ?
  9. Connor11

    Crazy Idea for Nuclear Waste Disposal

    Hi I’m a high school senior taking physics and had this crazy idea for nuclear waste disposal. Given: Space is a good place to put nuclear waste Rockets can malfunction possibly leading to their nuclear waste payload being being dispersed I thought of looking toward a rail gun. I found a...
  10. A

    Electromagnetic Rail gun and a circular track

    Two parallel electromagnets situated symmetrically on either side of the straight section of an oval track propel a wheeled trolley along the track, so that the trolley is in continuous motion, as long as the current is supplied to the electromagnets. Is this workable? Does the entry and exit...
  11. A

    Semicircular Permanent Magnet Rail Gun - continuous motion?

    Doubtless you are all familiar with a rail gun made by using permanent magnets. An example is given here: http://sci-toys.com/scitoys/scitoys/magnets/gauss.html Assuming the railgun could me made curved, won't it be possible to build a curved track to transport the projectile - assume...
  12. Crazymechanic

    Youtube rail gun videos physics

    So I once saw a intersting video made by some guys for a school project , now I finalle decided to have a share with you and ask some question. Such videos are also put up by the free energy guys but let's not focus on that for now shall we. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo2-Qb3fUYs...
  13. S

    Rail Gun Propulsion: Perverting a Rail Gun Into a Rocket?

    Is it possible to pervert a rail gun into a rocket? I'm understanding that plasma conducts electricity. If i could supply a rail gun with constant current and send in a constant feed of hot plasma into the rail gun would the machine send out plasma at high enough speeds to be used as a rocket...
  14. mrspeedybob

    Why is the rail gun an interesting weapon?

    This video is from 2007 but it stated the goal at that time was a 64 mega-joule weapon? I understand the advantages of extended range but it seems like a huge, awkward, and expensive weapon to deliver a relatively small amount of energy. 64 mega-joules is the equivalent of only 14 kg of TNT...
  15. J

    How Does a Rail Gun Work Without an External Magnetic Field?

    http://www.brightstorm.com/science/physics/magnetism/faradays-law-lenzs-law/# Start at about 7:10 and watch until about 8:20. I can see that an emf and hence a current will be induced in the rod between the two rails BUT if there is no external magnetic field (the magnetic field generated by...
  16. T

    Rail gun and magnetic field question

    Homework Statement The planet Zargon has a magnetic field that is oriented the same as Earth’s, but has a magnitude of 1.26 T! A Royal Zargon Warrior is exploring the Badlands at the Zargon equator when he senses that a vicious octomorph is on top of the rock pillar 9.50 m above him. He dare...
  17. B

    Rail Gun type problem - find distance of particle traveled with minimal data

    Homework Statement Hello. I want to help a friend solve a problem. I'm having trouble finding the right way to solve for distance for this problem. I am given 2 parallel wires connected by another wire or perhaps a conducting fuse. His information is kind of vague, sorry. The current goes up...
  18. T

    Air equivalent of rail gun possible?

    If a rail gun works by having an object that moves along a path, where either side has opposite charge, could that same principle be applied in air? I am not talking about an ion thruster, that already exists. I am saying, if wasting energy was not an issue, could it be possible to charge the...
  19. P

    Mastering physics help - rail gun

    Homework Statement attached Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I think i need to use energy methods for this because the acceleration is not constant.. trouble is I don't know the formula for the potential energy in cases like this. Thanks for any help.
  20. K

    Calculating Acceleration and Force in an Electromagnetic Rail Gun

    Homework Statement An electromagnetic rail gun can fire a projectile using a magnetic field and an electric current. Consider two parallel conducting rails, separated by 0.575 m, which run north and south. A 49.0-g conducting rod is placed across the tracks and a battery is connected between...
  21. M

    Make a rail gun into a rail motor?

    I've been thinking about an idea for a while now... what if you take a rail gun set up and instead of shooting something you turn it into a motor. Just make the rails into hoops that almost touch and connect the armature to a point in the center of this. I'm wondering how armature (now a rotor)...
  22. B

    Science Fair Project: High School Railgun Q&A

    Hello, I am a high school senior making a railgun for my science fair project. I have been searching the internet and have finally come up with a plan for my railgun. I have some questions about my plan before I go out and buy materials. I have two questions currently, one about rails and one...
  23. N

    Troubleshooting a Homemade Rail Gun: Tips from an AP Physics Final Project

    For my Final Project for my AP Physics class is a rail gun. But I am having trouble getting it to fire anything or even move it. I have no trouble charging the bank but when it is discharged into the rails the projectile doesn't move. I am using 11, 330v disposable camera capacitors in...
  24. S

    Rail Gun using disposible camera's flash charger

    Hey, I made a rail gun that is 3" long with a disposible camera's flash charger. The one problem i had was that i couldn't get the spark to jump across the two rails. So i took a piece of metal with plastic on the outside and touched the bolts on opposite sides and got a large spark but not...
  25. J

    Recoil Forces in Rail Gun Launches

    Hi, I was just wondering if a projectile that is launched with a rail gun exerts a force in the opposite direction on the frame of the gun itself? Thanks, Jason O
  26. Y

    Looking For College Professor To Interview For Senior Rail Gun Project

    Need Help: Looking for college level proffesor or someone "qualified" to interview Im doing my senior project on Rail Guns and as a requirement I need to interview "qualified" people, asking them questions pertaining to my project. I'm looking for atleast one person to interview, 2 would be...
  27. Y

    Rail Gun physics, need assistance

    I am working on a project for graduation and I am writing a paper on rail guns, but I am having trrouble understanding the basic principle behind it, Loretnz Force. I've tried to look online for a good site that explains it in laymens terms, but I can't seem to find one. I know that current...
  28. M

    What is the acceleration of a rod in a rail gun?

    Hi I'm trying to come up with an expression for the accleration of the rod in Rail Gun. The conducting rod is free to slide on two parallel rails with negligible friction. At the right end of the rails, a voltage source of strength "V" in series with a resistor of resistance "R" makes a...