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Raising and lowering operators

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    I'm confused about these two forms of the raising/lowering operators for the harmonic oscillator.
    When each one is used?

    a_+\psi_n=i\sqrt{(n+1)\hbar\omega} \psi_{n+1}
    a_-\psi_n=-i\sqrt{n\hbar\omega} \psi_{n-1}

    a_+|\psi_n\rangle=\sqrt{n+1} |\psi_{n+1}\rangle
    a_-|\psi_n\rangle=\sqrt{n} |\psi_{n-1}\rangle
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    Oops! I had pushed the submit button before ending the post. Now it is corrected.
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    it depends if you use bra-ket or "function" notation for your physics.
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