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Random thoughts on Fibonnacci sequence

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    Why nature has a lot of application of fibonacci sequence
    I mean why the number of spirals in the head of sunflower always has to be a memeber of fibonacci sequence, why pinecones displays similar patterns and many more examples.

    Do we really know the answer?
    I mean is this question is similar to asking why planets,objects follows newtons law?
    I think answers to all such question can only be given by nature, i think we as a science enthusiast are here to search the answers for how nature describes something instead of why she described it that way, because thats her beauty
    What are your views?
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    jim hardy

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    It's natural.
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    Sorry, despite my generally opinionated nature, I have no opinion on this topic.
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    I think its the other way around. Planets and objects are generally unaware of Newton.

    If you mean by studying nature, I agree.

    I'm not sure nature does a lot of describing. Nature provides a lot of examples. It is us that do the describing-- a distinctly human character flaw.:wink:
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