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  1. blazh femur

    Is randomness real or the inability to perceive hyper complex order?

    How did you find PF?: random Brownian motion Is randomness real or is it simply defined as such due to our inability to perceive hyper complex order? Randomness is a troublesome word. I'd feel better if I knew it was an objective phenomenon and not merely a placeholder description of...
  2. F

    A Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test

    Hi all, I have some doubts regarding the Kolmogorov test: I made a simple c++ program generating two samples of random numbers following a Landau distribution (I used the "hit and miss" method). I made the Kolmogorov test, in order to check the randomness of the generator, but I'm having some...
  3. R

    I Re-scaling of exponentially distributed numbers

    For simplicity, let ##N=1##. The following histograms show my results. The generated random numbers are initially exponentially distributed. But after re-scaling they become almost uniformly distributed. What is the cause of that, and is there a solution? P.S. Here is my code in Matlab...
  4. entropy1

    B Can this be called 'a coincidence'?

    Suppose we have two variables A and B. A has a truly random distribution over {0,1} with P(0)=P(1)=0.5 . B has the same distribution. Now suppose that A and B always show both a 1 or both a 0. This would be a strong correlation between A and B. Now could this be called 'a coincidence'? And if...
  5. S

    B Randomness of radioactivity

    How can radioactive decay be random if we can calculate aproximately when it will happen . For example we know that an isotope will decay every 2 years by calculating the half life . Doesnt that mean that the decay is systematic rather than random because we can calculate when its guna happen ...
  6. T

    Pseudo Random Encryption?

    Hi, im trying to decrypt something in a .txt file as a challenge from a friend, the file contains: pÿd“ÙÃÊÌßéh'rv‹"^÷ù O˜w؉D•ÍúúYíY’ ∞¶iÀªÆzI¥r=«Å∑F¸¡„;≥ûü¸ã7∂.ˆ– ã<¿µD~’ÅsG›îwA_4Gå#›¥’6ª˝_ÎaÍÑjù]ÚU3Y{äF-Ê#i 33(›öR `?™|¸ ®flîè+zÂ√œ/fiãìR˛˙˚∂ZëìƺΩÒ†»˘∂®∑‘¬z vóR◊r∂Øûp)E...
  7. entropy1

    B Is there a definition of randomness?

    Is there a definition of "random(ness)"? Is it defined?
  8. jamalkoiyess

    MATLAB How to create distinct circles in Matlab?

    I want to create a plate of distinct circles on Matlab where their radii are generated by randn(1,p) and centers are random. I am currently doing the circles using viscircles, but some of them are overlapping, and since I want approximately 100 ones, this problem only gets worse. How can I make...
  9. entropy1

    I Are entanglement correlations truly random?

    Suppose we have two truly random sources A and B that generate bits ('0' or '1') synchronously. If we measure the correlation between the respective bits generated, we find a random, ie no, correlation. Now suppose A and B are two detectors that register polarization-entangled photons passing...
  10. nomadreid

    I Classical chaos?

    Suppose we are talking about a purely classical phenomena (OK, nothing is purely classical, but suppose we consider quantum effects as insignificant, that is, we ignore them). In this context, I came across someone talking about "a particle in chaotic continuous motion as the particle is...
  11. Derik

    I Random Error in Lab report

    I'm currently in first year engineering and I seem to be struggling with Physics, which is not unlikely uncommon. A simple problem I've come across is not doing correct error analysis when writing up lab reports. In my current lab, which is justifying the relationship of angular frequency...
  12. entropy1

    B Pseudorandomness of correlation

    Suppose we have a source of polarization-entangled photons, that fires pairs of photons in opposite directions at two detectors with orientation-adjustable polarizationfilters in front of them. Obviously, there is a correlation between the orientation of the respective filters and the joint...
  13. R

    Random generated doubles: can I get a number more than once?

    Hello. I recall that the probability of generating a particular real number (in a bounded or unbounded interval) is exactly zero. If I keep generating reals for a limited amount of time, can I get a number more than once? About the computer, I know that the amount of different values the...
  14. entropy1

    B Is quantification random or pseudo-random?

    Is quantification, such as for instance with the build op of an interference pattern by individual photons, the measuring of quantum spin, or the measuring of polarized photons through a polarisation filter actually, really random, or is it possible that it might be pseudo-random?
  15. S

    Errors: Random, Systematic, and Human

    Homework Statement Hello! In our class, we just completed a lab on momentum and energy conservation in collisions. It was a computer simulation. Although, for the lab report, the teacher wants us to write the random, systematic, and human errors. Can someone describe what each error means? What...
  16. alr1014

    Would rubbing alcohol and vinegar neutralize each other?

    I was reading a post on Facebook about cleaning and it said to mix rubbing alcohol and vinegar and put it in your windown washer fluid tank. Someone commented that it would corrode or eat away at the tubing. I keep thinking the mixture would be an acid /base mixture and would neutralize. I was...
  17. J

    Why is lightning jagged?

    In a discussion about lightning destroying electronics on sailboats the issue of controlling lightning came up. One member (Baluncore) proposed that lightning is completely predictable. I've been taught that lightning is somewhat random. To me, random implies non-linear equations with sensitive...
  18. A

    Confusion about a random process

    Question already asked on, but couldn't get an answer so reposting here...
  19. Tepster

    Is there anything random?

    Hi, I'd like to ask you if is there (in universe) anything random - any event which hasn't a reason. I say no but I haven't enough knowledge about physics so perhaps there are some things I don't know. Thank you
  20. laramman2

    Applied Self-study Nonlinear Dynamics

    What textbooks would you recommend for self studying Nonlinear Dynamics? I am a undergraduate junior who will be doing research on nonlinearity of spiking neurons. I have taken courses on ODE, vector calculus, probability, statistics, and linear algebra.
  21. H

    Finding the bias of a random sample

    Homework Statement In a study to estimate the proportion of residents in a city that support the construction of a new bypass road in the vicinity, a random sample of 2025 residents were polled. Let X denote the number in the sample who supported the proposal. To estimate the true proportion in...
  22. eno31krad

    Random power generation thought

    Sorry didn't look too deep into it but had a random thought (and a couple drinks) ; would it be plausible to generate power by harnessing angular momentum from passing molecules? Perhaps hydro and wind generators could get an efficiency boost?