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(Re-) beginning Calculus and Analysis.

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    I'm currently doing my masters in Information Science, and I did my graduation in Life Sciences. While I did have a course on Calculus at the 11th and 12th grades, I've forgotten most of it now.

    I wish to start out with Calculus and Analysis again. My approach to Calculus and Analysis has a more applied tone, but I don't mind understanding the innards of it. I'm currently at a university where most of the people do theoretical mathematics and statistics, and have been recommended the Baby Rudin, but frankly, I don't think I'm suited to start such a text right now.

    Please consider me as one who's totally new to Calculus (in that one who knows nothing about Calculus at all.)

    I'm considering starting out with Spivak. Is that a good idea?
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    Spivak is an excellent text for giving a rigorous but easy-to-get-through grounding in calculus from a more analytical point of view than most applied calculus texts.
    Since you have already taken calculus, most of the text should provide an illumination of ideas you have seen covered lightly before. If you need application exercises, a Schaum's Outline should be fine.
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