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Re-Learning Algebra & Trogonometry Book.

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    I am currently in a Calculus 1 class now and this is the 2nd time. I have decided that I am going to devote as much time as possible everyday studying math prior to Calculus. I currently have a book called "Algebra & trigonometry" by Robert Blitzer. I don't like this book and don't think it goes to in depth enough for me. so In order for me to succed in my future math and science classes I need to get my Algebra down pact, so I need a good book. Possibly the best book.
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    Since I'm not familiar with the Robert Blitzer book, I have no comment about it; but you can very often find excellent used books at library booksales. Look for books specifically about Intermediate Algebra, which are often easy to find and easy to identify. You may also find a used solution manual for particular books. You may have more difficulty finding used Trigonometry books, but they are also often found at used book sales.

    Try to find dedicated books to each particular sub-topic. Find an Algebra book and find a Trigonometry book. Also, do not be discouraged based on a book being 20 or 30 years old. The concepts and skills never lose their value.

    You have the right idea, restudying material which you studied previously so that you learn it better. Be sure that you treat each of these subtopics as if it was a semester-length course; being in a rush will simply make relearning less effective.

    One more thing: Is that Blitzer book really an elementary functions/ preCalculus book? Or is it Intermediate-or-less Algebra and Trigonometry as a rigorous condensed review?
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