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Reading an old physics book and

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    The book is "The New Physics and Its Evolution" by Lucien Poincare, who happens to be Henri Poincare's cousin, and I came across a paragraph that explained an experiment that has me baffled.

    Anyone know to which experiment he was referring?

    Perhaps something was lost in the translation, but here it goes...

    The book is open domain, here is a link: http://infomotions.com/etexts/gutenberg/dirs/1/5/2/0/15207/15207.htm" [Broken]

    The paragraph in question is under the chapter titled Sec. 2. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE CONSERVATION OF ENERGY and is in the 24th paragraph in that section, about half way through the paragraph.

    Sorry if this question doesn't fall under this category, but I really must know!

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    jack action

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    Bravo. That does seem to answer my question quite nicely.

    For anyone interested, it appears that this is what the experiment is in reference to:
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