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Reasons for phtonic radiation?

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    Reasons for phtonic radiation???

    Hi guys.. this question has been lingering in my thoughts for quite a few days and I cant seem to get it down. Well, what are the current known reasons for phton release through a quantum perspective. Has it even been asnwered through evidence, or is it still theoritical doubt. WEll it would really help if u explain how in the quantum model that energy level changing spin-paired electrons interacet with all the other quantum particles and through electromagnestism and strong force to produce energy
    I mean y and how is this creating energy..

    Also, is the reasons for particle-wave duality even scientifiaccaly realized--- not theoritically sketched--- thx in advance for ure patience and commitment to the quantum mechanic field
    I would greatly appreciate if u answered my known doubts
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    Re: Reasons for phtonic radiation???

    The process has been studied for as long as quantum mechanics has been around and actually even longer.

    A semi-classical theory (where the electrons are treated quantum mechanically, but the electromagnetic field is not quantized) is adequate to treat absorption processes. But, a correct treatment of the emission of photons by excited atoms requires a quantized electromagnetic field as well.

    A fairly straightforward textbook treatment is given in Sakurai's "Advanced Quantum Mechanics".
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    Re: Reasons for phtonic radiation???

    I do not understand how this accounts for the reason how photons (as a particle behavior) are produced. Also, is it because they are massless (at rest amss at least) particles that they seem to hold characteristics as waves?
    However, thank you for your answer as it helped me realize that qunatized electromagnetic fields in a world filled with em fields would account for wuantum instability and therefore produce waves of fluctuating energy.
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