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Recalling alphanumerical characters

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    I find it a little strange that when I want to remember a sequence of alphanumerical characters, diving the sequence into sub-sequences of three characters each works better for me. I am able to go up to 12 characters like that, whereas going by 2 or 4 simply dosen't work as good. Are most people more comfortable with 3, or does it have nothing to do with it?
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    So far all the animals tested have shown the ability to count up to three and some can count to five. After that all they seem able to discern is "many". Neurologists speculate that this is due to some effect caused by neural networks. A way around this limitation is to use mnemonics.
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    Something I find very strange is that i remember the first 28 digits of pi in one 28 digit block. The next 8 digits i remember as a 5 and a 3 block. Very weird and I don't know how I came about to think of it in that way.
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