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LaTeX Latex text formatting again - quotes in monotype

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    This time I have a problem with monotype font and quotes.

    When I switch to typewriter font using ``quotes'' stops to work*. Character sequences (`` and '') that in other parts of the text are understood as opening and closing quotes are not translated. Standard "quotes" are rendered mostly OK (and as these parts of the text are intended to look like an old, typed document from seventies, fact that they don't get changed is OK with me).

    But that's where things get ugly, as some characters preceded by " are treated as a control sequences (perhaps that's not the correct name, but you should get what I mean). For example "A is rendered as Ą. What I am doing at the moment is I am using "\hphantom{}A to break the control sequence. It works, but I wonder if there is no better, more "latexish" method to do so.

    *actually I am using ,,quotes'', as these are correct in Polish; I don't remember details but I did some research last year and that was the best option to get quotes rendered correctly in my book
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