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Reclaimed Oil Line Same Return Rate

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    I am re-piping a oil line use for burning reclaimed oil and currently the oil returns to the tanks to the bottom of the tanks. I want to have them return to the top of the tanks to increase the mixing of the oil. My only problem is that their are two tanks that will fill up by the same oil line. I want to keep their level equal - dont want to fill one up more than the other.

    You got 1 main return line - it has a tee on it and dumps into the 1st tank - then keeps on going to dump into the second tank.

    Im looking for a equation so I can figure out how much smaller the first tank pipe diameter should be compared to the second pipe diameter. There is a distance 'L' from first tank to second.


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    Balancing flows into two tanks by using different pipe sizes never works for long in practice .

    If this is the only available way of doing things then use generously sized pipes and fit valves which can be adjusted to match the flows .

    Balance pipe connecting the lowest points on the two tanks is a better solution .
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    I'd go with Nidum's suggestion too.. a balance pipe connecting the bottoms of the tanks, and then you can just fill into one, and draw from the other, which will provide a little continuous flow between them.
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    Use the existing fill pipe as the balance pipe between tanks and fill both tanks from the top to encourage mixing. That way balancing the fill rates isn't as critical. If the rest of the setup appropriate, you could also use the existing balance/fill pipe as the drain pipe.
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