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Recommend some tech documentaries

  1. Sep 25, 2011 #1

    i just downloaded a documentary "Triumph of the nerds" by Robert Cringley. Its about the
    rise of nerds like Steve jobs and bill gates . I downloaded it from YouTube. Its very good
    documentary. I already have the movie "Pirates of the silicon Valley" and it was nice to see
    the interviews of real life avatars of many characters which appeared in the movie.

    I like technology very much. Can people recommend any tech documentaries, which are downloadable. The subjects I like in technology are.... computers , electronics , various green technologies and they are used .........

    often many technologies are not reported by major media outlets but are covered in obscure documentaries... its fun to watch such documentaries......

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    I always loved Modern Marvels from the History Channel for a quick fix

    PBS NOVA also has some good ones like: Battle of the X-planes, The Spy Factory, Front Lines : Missile Wars. Many can be found on Netflix Instant.
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    thanks Greg, will check them out.
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    About IC Fabs

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    interesting stuff js.......
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    Modern Marvels is definitely a good resource and compared to a lot of "history lessons" they seem to be pretty accurate as well and make sure they actually throw educational lessons in there. Thanks for the other resources as well!
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