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Recommendation for textbook on number theory

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    So I'm in a number theory course this semester but we aren't using a textbook (the professor gave the explanation that they'd never found a textbook that does exactly what they wanted or something, but it seems from my investigations that our course follows a pretty standard introduction).

    Anyway, I have a test coming up this week, and I think I'd like to find a good textbook to help me prepare. This is the second test, and after not performing as well on the first test as I would have liked, I believe reading something else would help. My notes are too disorganized to be of real use besides helping me remember concepts, and I obviously cannot write down detailed explanations of the "whys", only copy down the "hows." So if you know of a good book for this purpose, I would really appreciate any recommendations.
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    It would help if you listed the topics your course is covering!
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    sorry! we've covered divisions, GCD, modular arithmetic, fermat's little theorem, fermat and mersenne primes, euler's phi function, and orders so far.
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    Try Elementary Number Theory by Jones & Jones.
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    well, if I'm not mistaken the classic is by rosen and ireland.
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    The rosen and ireland one seems to be a "graduate text," would you still recommend it?
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    I hate it when therer is no textbook, especially when there exists a million out there for number theory.
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    well it's recommended in my univ's course website here:
    and it's an undergraduate course, so I guess it depends on your mathematical maturity.
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    Rosen & Ireland is hard. If you can follow it, you'll be well-prepared... but you might be better served by a more accessible book. I keep mine on a shelf and consult it when needed.
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    I would strongly recommend Elements of the Theory of Numbers by Dence. It is a very accessible and up to date introduction to the subject, covering all of the subjects you listed in addition to more advanced subjects suitable for a second course in number theory. Or, you could just search for "number theory ebook" or "number theory torrent" on google and download a plethora of books from which you have your choice.
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