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A recommendation in the European Union, according to Article 288 of the [Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union] (formerly Article 249 TEC), is one of two kinds of non-legal binding acts cited in the Treaty of Rome.
Recommendations are without legal force but are negotiated and voted on according to the appropriate procedure. Recommendations differ from regulations, directives and decisions, in that they are not binding for Member States. Though without legal force, they do have a political weight. The Recommendation is an instrument of indirect action aiming at preparation of legislation in Member States, differing from the Directive only by the absence of obligatory power.

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  1. walkeraj

    Music Esoteric Music Recommendations

    What is the most esoteric (especially in the sense of specialized) music you own and recommend? To suggest one: Turkwaz's "Nazar". A set of Sufi devotional love songs. Assembled, studied and performed by doctors of music.
  2. sbrothy

    What are some lesser-known sci-fi comics worth checking out?

    I sincerely recommend this comic: Wiki link to Universal War One. There are sites where you can read it for free. I'll let you find those yourself (or crazy thought: you could actually buy it!). Using the free sites you'll need a serious add-blocker, Also you'll want to load whole comics as...
  3. MatinSAR

    Recommendation for project related to thermodynamics

    TL;DR Summary: I'm currently studying physics (undergrad level). I want to find a project related to thermodynamics to present it to my professor. I am reading this book: Heat and Thermodynamics: An Intermediate Textbook by Mark Zemansky and Richard Dittman...
  4. P

    Admissions Who should I pick for my third letter of recommendation?

    I have two PIs who will write the first and second letter. And I'm torn between asking my direct supervisor from one of those labs (who was a grad student when I was working there and we became quite close) and a professor that I had for an upper div class I took during my last year. My...
  5. Oscar Benavides

    What is the YCombinator Chat Board and Its Connection to Hacking?

    Hello, I don't have much to say at the moment, I just signed up on a recommendation from HN and thought I'd give it a try. I'm probably mostly here to lurk and read older stuff, but I figured it was worth making an account and introducing myself.
  6. Muu9

    Intro Physics Physics textbook recommendation for young gifted child

    They've gone through calculus (Essential Calculus by Stewart) but haven't had a formal physics class yet (but a lot of pop-physics reading). I recommended Thinking Physics followed by Conceptual Physics by Hewitt, followed by a meaty calc-based book like Krane or YF, but I wonder if an easy...
  7. M

    A Finite-Discrete Element Method (FDEM) software recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for FDEM software that can do poroelasticity and has a hydraulic solver besides a mechanics solver.
  8. KCook3824

    Other Recommendation: Graduate level thermo/Stat mech text

    Hello all, I'm taking a graduate stat mech course that does not use a text and could really use a good text for reference and supplemental reading. It's been about 13 years since my last thermodynamics course so hoping such a text would have a decent review of thermodynamic relations and...
  9. R

    Book Recommendation for learning about the Higgs Boson (layman level)

    Summary: Non-Mathematical Description of the Higgs Boson I seek a recommendation for a book written for the layman describing the physics of the Higgs boson and related topics. Books that I have found tend towards the history leading up to the discovery of the Higgs or biographies of Peter...
  10. J

    Recommendation for a platform for drawing computational circuits

    Homework Statement:: I need to draw circuits involving quantum gates and quantum states I would like a platform that allowed me to draw quantum computation circuits. That is, that it provides me with the schemes and allows me to write in latex. Many thanks in advance.
  11. R

    Quantum Books recommendation covering the Hydrogen atom and Kepler's laws (separately)

    Hi, I have an interview for masters degree program in 2 weeks and they asked to study two subjects thoroughly, first being Hydrogen atom and second being Kepler's laws. anyone recommends one book about each subject with advanced level questions that would help me understand the subjects to a...
  12. J

    Looking for physics internships requiring one letter of recommendation

    I'm currently a college freshman studying physics. The only previous research experience I had was a virtual one with the EPA on things not really related to physics (it was about 3D printer emissions). I'm trying to look for something for the summer and I've already applied for a bunch...
  13. Andreas S-H

    What are some recommendations for a math and physics topic in high school?

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to write an assignment in math and physics. This assignment will be a sort of exam, where I have to defend it at a later date, I can choose whatever topic I like, as long as it contains math and physics. I need to find something to be my thesis statement (i think...
  14. C

    Geometry Recommendation for High School Geometry book

    Dear Everyone, So I would like some recommendation for high school geometry books that are affordable and preferably e-books. Why do I need some books on high school geometry? I would like to improve my geometric reasoning. When I took high school geometry a decade and half ago, I was...
  15. Tianluo_Qi

    Quantum Reading list recommendation for HEP-ph to HEP-th/math-ph transition

    One sentence summarization For a student initially working on a more phenomenological side of the high energy physics study, what is the recommendation of introductory reading materials for them to dive into a more mathematically rigorous study of the quantum field theory. Elaboration...
  16. Stonestreecty

    To get potentiometer recommendation

    Hi, folks I need a recommendation for a potentiometer. I have an old 8mm projector that uses a 8v 50w bulb. The bulb works off a simple on/off switch. I would like to insert a potentiometer inline between the transformer and bulb to vary the intensity of light the bulb generates. Even if I...
  17. C

    Admissions How good do recommendation letters for Master's programs have to be?

    Math major. You know math classes: lectures, problem sets, tests. If you interact with the prof., it's normally just in office hours unless you do research with them. I'm looking to get into master's programs. I have excellent grades, but I'm worried about rec letters since I never really got...
  18. D

    Admissions Can a non-academic write a strong letter of recommendation for grad school?

    I am sure there are some people who were in positions to write letters of recommendation for grad students. What do these letters typically ask for? I am asking because I am requesting letters of recommendation from one of my employers and from 3 professors. My job has little to do with the grad...
  19. C

    Classical Recommendation for a primer on optical system design/optomechanics?

    I am looking for a textbook or handbook on optical system design. I would prefer one that actually derives equations rather than just slapping down rules of thumb, although I would take the latter. My problem is that I've done a ton of bench top optic setups, but my skills are kind of capped at...
  20. F

    A Probing Dark Matter Physics: What Properties Can We Derive?

    This is probably a long shot but it's worth trying. My question is the following: What properties of dark matter can we derive from each of the available methods for probing the physics of dark matter? To elaborate a bit, my understanding is that the evidence for dark matter comes from its...
  21. E

    Engineering Electric Power Systems book recommendation

    Summary:: Electric Power Systems book recommendation Hi everyone, I finished my Electrical Engineering degree 15 years ago and wanted to refresh/review/update my knowledge on Electrical Power Systems. I'm looking for a book recommendation that has: components of a power system, control of...
  22. E

    Other Math Textbooks for Physics Students

    Hello there, do you guys have recommendations for math textbooks that i should have? The math is of course related to physics, I mean the maths that a physics student must know.
  23. K

    History Philosophy and history forums recommendation

    I have only found so far on the web forums about physics and math. I have questions about philosophy and history that I would like to ask. Does anyone know of good webforums where I can do that? (Since that's forbidden on here :wink:)
  24. K

    Geometry Modern Differential Geometry Textbook Recommendation

    Could you provide recommendations for a good modern introductory textbook on differential geometry, geared towards physicists. I know physicists and mathematicians do mathematics differently and I would like to see how it is done by a physicists standard. I have heard Chris Ishams “Modern Diff...
  25. LittleRookie

    B Elementary analytic geometry textbook recommendation

    Every explanation about scaling a 2D vector, or equivalently having a line segment PQ on cartesian plane and then find a point R on the line PQ satisfying PR/PQ = r (fixed given r) starts with that one specific case in the picture. A formula for the coordinates of R is then given for that case...
  26. torito_verdejo

    Calculus Recommended book for advanced calculus

    I'm looking for recommendations about advanced calculus books. I'm interested in going further and deeper than nth-order linear differential equations, but overall as a Physics student I'm deeply interested in being very, very comfortable dealing with line, surface and volume integration...
  27. anorlunda

    Cable modem+router recommendation needed

    I am about to sign up for Comcast/Xfinity internet service for the next 6 months. I have the slowest 25 Mbps speed. I'm not a gamer. Just WIFI for PF and other surfing plus one cable connection to my TV. For the previous 6 months, we got along fine using the WIFI hotspot from my phone...
  28. U

    Other Requesting a letter of recommendation from a Research Advisor

    I'm applying to physics graduate programs this fall. I volunteered with an experimentalist in my hometown (at a small undergraduate-only physics program) over this past summer (I'm going to keep it intentionally vague for privacy reasons, but let me know if you really think the response depends...
  29. cromata

    Quantum Quantum information recommendation

    I am 3rd year physics student (actually I have just finished it). I have good knowledge on basics of quantum mechanics: I had 1 semester of Introduction to Quantum Physics and then 2 semesters of Quantum Physics. Our literature were Griffiths (Introduction to Quantum Mechanics) and ''Gennaro...
  30. Tonzzi

    Real Analysis Textbook Recommendation

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a book(s) to use for the self-study of real analysis? I have just finished Apostol Calculus, Vol. 2 and would like to move on to real analysis. I am not sure whether I should continue following Apostol and move on to Apostol mathematical analysis or...
  31. TytoAlba95

    Biostatistics Book recommendation

    Hi, I'm a Biochemistry Master's student and in need of a good Biostats book. Can you please suggest biostatistics book that is not too much mathematical and explains the concepts in an easy way.
  32. Q

    Admissions Bad and Good recommendation letters

    Hello everyone,I am having a problem here. I asked four of my professors to write me a recommendation letter. I have received three so far "waiting for the forth". The first was very awesome, the professor wrote me one of the best recommendation letters I have ever seen. Detailed, long, very...
  33. A

    Atomic High School Chemistry Textbook Recommendation

    Can someone please tell me what high school chemistry textbook that studying about octet rule is best for an idiot like me?
  34. Avatrin

    Need book recommendation to learn kinematics and kinetics

    Hi I am trying to learn kinetics and kinematics: Euler angles Directional cosine matrices Quaternions Inertia tensors The usage of Jacobians in robotics Manipulator kinematics Eulers equations Newton-Euler equations etc My background is in mathematics, so I would like a book which takes a...
  35. i_am_brendan

    Programs Recommendation for an online master's degree in astrophysics?

    Next year I'm considering an online masters in astrophysics / astronomy. Any recommendations / has anyone done one? Top universities in this field? I have a B.Sc and M.Sc in mathematics and strong background in computer science / data analytics so I want one which is technical. The options I...
  36. Y

    Auto Loan, Cash Back, Pay Off Instantly - Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a auto loan provider, that gives me cash back, that I can then pay off instantly, and get out ahead to save money? Example, loan provider X, will give me $1,000 cash back to attract me to choosing them for financing, So if I were to purchase a $15,000 vehicle, the loan...
  37. Savian

    Intro Physics Recommendation of a textbook about Introduction to Physics

    Can someone recommend me a textbook about Introduction to Physics (college level)? I would thank a lot.
  38. Ackbach

    MHB Book Recommendation, Please: Time Series Analysis

    I am looking for a book recommendation. I've been looking for something like this on Amazon without success. I want a book on Time Series analysis that includes the following topics: ARMA/ARIMA, ARCH/GARCH, LSTM and deep learning, filters, state spaces, and any other main categories of...
  39. danielri1011101

    Admissions Maximizing the "goodness" of a recommendation letter

    Hello everyone, since recommendation letters are usually important when applying for graduate studies, I'd like to ask the following: What do you guys think of the statement 'The best way to maximize the "goodnes" of your recommendation letter is by not caring about it' ? I guess it's...
  40. fluidistic

    Hardware recommendation to control LEDs individually

    My two years old son loves lights and computers. I was thinking to buy an Arduino or a Raspberry pi like single board to control a LED matrix panel. What I want is to be able to control individual LEDs by pressing on keys on a keyboard. Example: by pressing "a", a LED lights up, "b" another LED...
  41. bornofflame

    Computer Recommendations: Project inspiration w/ a budget

    Howdy all. I haven't played around with building any circuits recently and so I'm pondering small projects that can be done for around 50 $US, though I'm willing to spend as much as 100 %US on parts. I have a soldering iron and experience using it and some familiarity with components (as well as...
  42. Bobman

    Calculus Recommendation of a thorough book on suffix/index notation?

    I believe it is also called "einstein notation"? The "notation-thingy" using kronecker delta, levi-civita and etc to simplify expressions with div, grad, curl (i took the course in my native language so i am not entirely sure what the notation or technique is called in english). Looking to get...
  43. L

    Other Asking for recommendation on Fluid Dynamics and CFD textbooks

    Dear All I am an undergraduate student studying in physics. I would probably get into research that needed fluid dynamics and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) skills. Previously I have not been taking a formal fluid dynamics course since there is none. I would like to pick up those skills by...
  44. PrinceWalnut

    Physics How to recommend a research mentor for a faculty position?

    Hi all! I'm an undergrad in physics in the USA, and a research professor I've been working with for the past ~2 years is applying for an open faculty position at an Australian university. She hasn't asked me to recommend her in any way, and I know that in all likelihood the word of some...
  45. Cantor080

    Practices, Laws, or Principles of living longer

    I am starting to search data on what actions are to be made for living longer. I might have to know the working of human body, but it might take lot of time. Within the time I know the working of human body, and have custom actions for me to live longer, to eliminate me not do any of the random...
  46. shihab-kol

    Classical Recommendation for a classical thermodynamics book

    Hello! I am a high school student and I would need some guidance regarding a thermodynamics book. I am reading and solving through these three: 1.Resnick,Halliday and Walker 2.University Physics- Young and Freedman 3.An introduction to mechanics-Kleppner and Kolenkow(purely for mechanics) Based...
  47. Felipe Lincoln

    Other Popular science books recommendation

    I'm aiming to make a list of popular science books to read along the year. Can you recommend some?
  48. José Ricardo

    Calculus Exploring the Best Books for Studying Calculus: A Comprehensive Guide

    What are the best book to study Calculus? And there is a academic book with History of Calculus? I would like recommendations. I appreciate all.
  49. C

    Applied Book Recommendation: Math textbooks for physics that tie things back to reality

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread but subject wise it seemed the most appropriate. Are there any books available that take a deep dive into the heady mathematics you guys use here BUT that take the time to tie things back to reality? And I'm talking about something for interested laymen like...