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Recursion relation for C-G coefficients

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    From J.J. Zakurai page no.222-225:

    We know that Clebsch-Gordan coefficients vanish unless m=m1+m2. Then,

    (1) why is that the terms in recursion relation doesn't vanish? since m1+m2=m+1 or m1+m2=m-1 in eqn.(3.7.49).

    (2) why is again in the example shown in eqn.(3.7.54), m1+m2=m?

    I couldn't understand the whole thing. Somebody please help.
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    Excuse me, the book is- "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by J.J. Sakurai
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    what edition?
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    It is the 'revised edition' printed in 2005.
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