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Redirection instead of termination

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    Instead of terminating threads that have potential for interesting conversation, could they be redirected? This is an example:


    I realize the issue is the variability in the result makes anecdote more probable, and we don't want responses to be perceived as medical advice. Could we (well, mods), instead:

    1) Retitle the thread to focus incoming posters (e.g. "Short term effects of sleep deprivation")
    2) remove personal anecdotes from OP.
    3) make a warning post to keep the discussion generalized to demographics and minimize anecdotal discussion.

    We could have had some interesting discussion on the variability of responses in people with short term sleep deprivation and warned the poster not to make it about their self (thereby teaching newer posters how to have discussions here and making it clear we're not medically advising them in any way).
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    This seems like a good idea but sometimes its difficult to know what to keep and what to discard.

    Also the longer a thread is active then we have the issue of other posts having dependencies on what was said making the editing process even more time consuming.

    I've posted a report for other mentors to direct other mentors here to comment on your idea.
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    Pyth, basically that entire thread would be deleted under your example. If you want to start a purely clinical discussion of studies on sleep deprivation from acceptable peer reviewed sources, then feel free to do so. As you said, anecdotes would not be allowed, keep it to the science.
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