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Homework Help: Reducing Agents and Standard Reduction Potentials

  1. Apr 20, 2006 #1
    1) The strongest reducing agent from those listed is: Use your book.

    a. Fe+3
    b. Fe+2
    c. Al+3
    d. Al

    After looking at the chart of reduction potentials in my book, is it

    2) Select the reagent that will transform Fe+3 to Fe+2.
    a. H2
    b. O2
    c. Br-
    d. H+

    Well, this is asking for the reducing reagent of Fe (3+), so is the answer H+ since reducing agents reduce oxzidizing agents above it?

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    I don't have a chart with me, but I think the answer for the first one would be the one with the lowest standard reduction potential. The answer to the second one would be the one that has a lower reduction potential than Fe3+.
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    Looking at the second one again, would H2 actually reduce Fe (3+) rather than H+, which is actually an oxidizing agent?
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