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Reducing Radiation Heat from Induction Furnace on Lifting Magnet

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    http://lookpic.com/O/i2/73/DYktKEGg.jpeg [Broken]

    Hello Dear Friends

    We produce Lifting Electromagnet for Steel Scrap charging of Induction furnace, bottom plate of

    electromagnet is made of Stainless steel .

    my question :

    Can We use AL OR SILVER Spray for Spraying bottom plate that Radiation heat is reflected ?
    Is this method useful ?

    OR Can We use material that absorb radiation heat ?

    Our purpose : We need a way that radiation heat , reflect or absorb

    by this way , amount of heat transfer by radiation to Lifting Electromagnet is decrease

    and Life of Lifting Electromagnet insulation increased.

    Thank You

    http://lookpic.com/O/i2/943/LJEUNM4z.jpeg [Broken]

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    Ferrous scrap melting temperature is high enough that "reflection/absorbtion" of radiant energy is "problematic;" can you sell your customers an inert gas "door/portal" through which to charge? There are such things limiting escape/exchange of "heated/cooled" air at entrances to high foot traffic buildings. The object of the exercise is to lengthen the lifetime of electrical insulation for the magnet?
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    Thank You Dear for your opinion , unfortunately we cant use inert gas , because for Extreme conditions of lifting magnet , welding of bottom plate was cracking .(impacts in high temperature , weight of lifting magnet approximately : 3 to 4 ton) , when crack : inert gas was exited .

    For reduce convection heat transfer , We use double bottom plate(similar to Double glazed window) . minimum space between plates is 50 mm . Is it useful for decrease radiation heat ? (I guess is not useful :( )

    Yes The object is to lengthen the lifetime of electrical insulation for Lifting magnet

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