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Reflexes like in the film wanted?

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    Is it possible to have reaction time like Weasley in the film Wanted?
    They state that people like him have quick reaction time because they can handle huge amount of adrenaline.... so with a strong heart, is it possible to react that fast using the adrenaline?

    (Video reference removed by mentor)
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    For that scene, I don't see an unrealistic reaction time. But if we consider the whole movie: No. Our eyes are not fast enough. Our brain cells are not fast enough. The transmission to the muscles is not fast enough. The muscles are not fast enough.

    You can train the reaction time, but you cannot speed it up by a factor 10 or more.
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    Who is "they"? Can you post a link to a reasonably scientific article that discusses this?

    I think you'll agree that reaction time is extremely important in drag racing, and drag racers work a lot on getting their reliable reaction time (without a false start) as quick as possible. I doubt they mix anything like caffeine or adrenaline in to speed up their reactions. You want your head as clear as possible to let the path from perception to action be as fast as possible.

    You might enjoy this article about reaction times of drag racers and archers... http://eprints.mdx.ac.uk/9871/

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    Thank you guys, :)
    But... why was the video removed? I got it from you tube
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    It was a bit too violent for our tastes. Folks can go find it and watch it if they want to.
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    As a general rule, it's probably not a good idea to gauge what is and it not possible based on what Hollywood shows you.
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