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Homework Help: Relative velocity in inertial frame

  1. Aug 12, 2014 #1
    The swimmer will move in the direction of resultant of his velocity and velocity of water.
    Draw the diagram and the try to solve it.
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    velocity is a vector and has two components (e.g. v_x and v_y)
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    You are using distance = width of the river , but dividing by the net speed of the swimmer .

    The velocity of swimmer has two perpendicular components , one across the width of the river ,other along the flow of water .

    What is the component of velocity across the width of the river ?
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    So the velocity across the width of the river is 1.98m/s. So I would go 2230/1.98 to get the time? And then to get horizontal distance travelled I would multiply this time by 0.508 (the downstream speed)?
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