What is Frame: Definition and 1000 Discussions

A vehicle frame, also historically known as its chassis, is the main supporting structure of a motor vehicle to which all other components are attached, comparable to the skeleton of an organism.
Until the 1930s, virtually every car had a structural frame separate from its body. This construction design is known as body-on-frame. By the 1960s, unibody construction in passenger cars had become common, and the trend to unibody for passenger cars continued over the ensuing decades.Nearly all trucks, buses, and most pickups continue to use a separate frame as their chassis.

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  1. MatinSAR

    Problem about non-inertial reference frame

    Picture of the problem: I wanted to use this formula: (From Classical dynamics of particles and systems Book by Stephen Thornton) O is inertial observer. O' is non-inertial observer. I think ##F## and ##\ddot R## and ##\dot \omega## are ##0##. According to O' the point mass has velocity of...
  2. L

    I Question about the Minkowski diagram

    In the case of two rulers of equal rest length moving past one another ibex posted the minkowski diagram and I have a question about the one diagram that follows the following comment by him: Note that, in the primed frame, "State 2" is after "State 3"! This is the relativity of simultaneity...
  3. G

    I Question about the velocity of the center of mass reference frame

    I'm looking into center of mass and I saw the derivation of: ## V = \frac{\sum\limits_{i = 1}^{n} m_iv_i}{\sum\limits_{i = 1}^{n} m_i} ## I understand how it's derived, so no need to explain this further. It's a velocity of the frame in which total momentum of our objects is zero. Forget...
  4. Ranku

    I Locally Inertial Frames: Freefall & Relative Velocities

    When an object is in freefall, it is in a locally inertial frame of reference. If two objects are in freefall, can their locally inertial frames of reference have different relative velocities?
  5. AronYstad

    Special Relativity - Which reference frame experiences which time?

    This was a practice question, so it had the answer with it, which is 31 minutes. However, I'm confused as to why Lisa experiences T0. It isn't exactly an event happening in Lisa's rocket, but rather her just moving through space. From her perspective, it should look like Earth is moving at the...
  6. IdBdan

    What is the best beam design for my aluminum tandem axle trailer?

    I'm building an aluminum tandem axle (7k total capacity) trailer. Boat (18'/1300#) on the rear and a Ryker Can Am 3 wheel (750#) on the front. It's a 23'-6" x 6'-8" bed. Max live load will be approx 2250#. 900# frame weight. 230# axles. I'm testing beam sizes with online calculators and need...
  7. bob1352

    Engineering Solve X-Forces for Frame Statics Problem

    So for this problem I have already solved for the Y forces: Dy = 171.43 N, Cy = 228.57 N, and By = -428.57 N. For the X forces I split up the frame and took the moment of DE. Me = 1.5(300) + 3.5(300) - 5(Dx), Dx = 300 For CD Dx = -Cx fo I got Cx = 300, as when you forces are two member Dx =...
  8. M

    I Electric field in a rotating frame

    Hello! I have a radially pointing electric field i.e. at a given radius, R, the electric field has the same magnitude and points radially around that circle of radius R. I have a particle moving around that circle of radius R, with uniform velocity (ignore for now how it gets to move like that)...
  9. YehiaMedhat

    Finding Value of ##N_A## and P in a Frame

    The first thing I did is to get the value of ##N_A## by the equaiton of ##\sum{}^{} M_B=0 \rightarrow 650*0.4+450*0.45+400=N_A*0.6 \rightarrow N_A = 104.2N## This is the first. The magnitude of the reaction at B: ##\sum{}^{} F_y=0 \rightarrow B_y=450+650,\sum{}^{} F_x=0 \rightarrow...
  10. YehiaMedhat

    Engineering Is My Free Body Diagram for a Frame Accurate?

    can you check if I sketched it correctly? And please if you know any good resources refrence it.
  11. Synco

    Looking to create a better frame for my e-motorcycle

    Well people i want to go from my steel/aluminum frame to the best material in the market. I have seen that exist a relation between Mpa(Yield strenght-elastic limit)/density but i get a very weird relation in a strange unit (m^2)/(s^2) which is the expansion of a growing area in the time, but...
  12. Lotto

    B What is x' for Moving Rocket from P?

    I have a rocket and it is moving straight from a point P with a velocity ##v##. When I say that ##x'=0## is at the place we sit in the rocket, then when the event happened outside his rocket at the point P, can I say that the coordinate of the event is for him negative, so ##x'=-vt'##, although...
  13. Vladimir_Kitanov

    Calculate the stresses in this 4-member wooden frame

    Why force at D need to be parallel to force at E and F?
  14. Spector989

    Solving Question through Inertial Frame: Challenges & Workings

    So i solved this question through non inertial frame but how do i solve this through inertial frame , when i used to solve only translation question when i observed through non inertial frame the main difference was in inertial frame Fnet = 0 and in non inertial frame Fnet -ma =0 (ma being...
  15. alexandrinushka

    B Differences in Predictions between SR and LR?

    SR interpreted as having no absolute frame of reference and an absolute frame type version of SR, where the speed of light is isotropic only in one undetectable frame are considered equivalent, since they use the same math. But here is a scenario in which I don't see how the physical predictions...
  16. S

    Finding the position vector for translated frame of reference

    what would be the y'-x' ##\vec r## vector be? I think it is ##\vec r = (8t - 1) \hat i + (6t - 2) \hat j## (not sure whether it is correct or not.) I thought about it as at t = 0 the position needs to be -1i -2j so that is why I took the signs in the y'-x' frame position vector as a - instead...
  17. V

    I Definition of "Physical Frame": All You Need To Know

    My question is about the precise definition of what is being referred to as “physical frame”, in particular in the context of cosmology. Is it simply the observational frame in which physical units are held constant? Is the FLRW frame physical? A good reference would also be helpful. Thanks for...
  18. lindberg

    I Applying Velocity Addition in Rotating Frame: Is It Correct?

    From the top of my head, I would say that yes, the very moment our clocks are aligned, and the two bullets are launched it is perfectly ok to use the relativistic velocity addition formula to determine the speed of the bullets from my reference frame. But the more the disk keeps rotating, the...
  19. Gumby The Green

    I Can time run backwards in an accelerating frame?

    I'm trying to make sure I understand how the traveling twin tracks the time of his stationary earthbound sibling and the time of another stationary observer who's farther away. From what I've understood until now, it's pretty straightforward with the earthbound twin: In the traveler's frame, the...
  20. engineerintraining

    Engineering Practice Problem for a Pin-Connected Frame

    Have identified what i need to find, but not sure how to proceed since there is a pin in the centre, do I treat it as two separate structures?
  21. curiousPep

    When to consider body fixed reference frame

    Hello I am studying mechanics and I have been reading about having the reference frame fixed at a certain point, body fixed and also the gyro equations. I an identify the gyro case easily as I am looking for an AAC body which rotates about an axis. I am confused about the other two cases in...
  22. LCSphysicist

    Lagrangean and non inertial frame

    I have tried to solve this problem using the lagrangean approach: $$L = T - V = m((\dot r)^2 + (r \dot \theta)^2)/2 - 0 = m((\dot r)^2 + (r \delta)^2)/2 - 0 $$ The problem is that the answer i got is the right answer at the smooth rod referencial, that is, at the non inertial frame. Now we can...
  23. OlPhyz

    12 ton frame lowered on plastic --> What Happens?

    Summary:: 12 ton rectangular frame is lowered by a 4 point crane attached to each corner of the frame. Frame will be lowered onto plastic supports, these supports have guiding ramps of 60 degrees to help the operator lower the frame in the correct spot. The frame has 4 feet, one on each corner...
  24. I

    B Is there a frame where you die before you are born?

    Just wondering, is there a frame of reference, among all of the different frames of reference, where someone dies before they are born?
  25. rudransh verma

    Classical Understanding Frames of Reference in Force and Motion for 10+2 Students

    I was starting out some problems on force and motion at 10+2 level. I was told you don’t need to know about frame of reference. But I want to. So which books are there to understand frames? Is it a part of relativity? If yes then which books? Thank you guys.
  26. Pyter

    I What's the underlying frame of the Einstein's Field Equation?

    Hello all, I have a question on a pivotal concept of GR that I've never managed to fully grasp. In what coordinate system is the Einstein's Field Equation set up and solved? I've always assumed it's an Euclidean 4D space, whose metric is irrelevant because we are dealing with scalar...
  27. LCSphysicist

    Charge density seen from a moving reference frame S' (SR + EM)

    There are some question involving the statement. One of them is about the charge density in S' frame. It asks to calc it. I thought that i could calculate the electric field in the referencial frame S' and, then, use the formula $$ E = \lambda / 2 \pi \epsilon l $$ In that way, i would obtain...
  28. L

    I Galilean transformation of non-inertial frame

    It's frequently discussed Galilean transformation brings one inertial frame to another inertial frame, and such a transformation leaves Newton's second law invariant (of the same form). I wonder what happens for non-inertial frame? If we start with a non-inertial frame, and Galilean transform...
  29. morrobay

    B One way speed of light in one reference frame measurement

    Two clocks with photo detectors are 100 kilometers apart at A and B. On the center of AB axis two light pulses are sent to the clocks , synchronizing them. Then a light signal is sent from A to B. The two stationary observers record the time from event at A to event at B. Is there a one way...
  30. S

    Angle observed in rest frame related to relativity

    My answer is (A) since I think the motion of the spacecraft will alter the length of the spacecraft (length contraction) but not changing the orientation so the angle will stay the same But my teacher said my answer is wrong. What is my mistake? Thanks
  31. L

    I Reference frame vs coordinate system

    Just want to clarify some concepts. There seems to be difference between reference frame and coordinate system. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_of_reference#Definition . A reference frame is something has physical meaning and is related to physical laws, whereas coordinate system...
  32. Z

    Possible to use work-energy theorem from a non-inertial frame?

    In learning about translational and rotational motion, I solved a problem involving a wheel rolling down an inclined plane without slipping. There are multiple ways to solve this problem, but I want to focus on solutions using energy. Now to my questions. The reference frame in the posted...
  33. M

    Approach analytical calculation for a beam frame

    Hi all, Currently I am working on a home-project, making a trike. Now just for fun and because I like to calculate things, I calculated the deflection of a frame with a load. The frame is shown in the picture below, I added the force for clarity. With my analytical calculation I found a...
  34. V

    B Fluid Continuity Equation in different reference frame

    If I have fluid with area 10 and velocity 10, if the velocity increases to 20 the area will become 5. But if we switch to a reference frame moving at velocity 1 opposite this motion, then it would be 10 and 11 to 5 and 21, violating the continuity equation. What is wrong?
  35. Monsterboy

    Is this a reference frame problem ?

    v1 - velocity of the rain with respect to the ground v2 - velocity of the man with respect to the ground v3 - velocity of the rain with respect to the man So, v1 = v3 + v2 is this right ? So, for the man moving with a velocity v2 with respect to the ground, the rain will have a horizontal...
  36. MattGeo

    I Reference Frame, Difference in Kinetic Energy, Fuel Consumed

    Say 2 cars are traveling side by side at 10 m/s in some flat, wide open space. Relative to each other they are stationary. Relative to someone on the ground they are both moving at 10 m/s. Now say you're in 1 of the cars and you see the other car accelerate, changing his velocity by 10 m/s in...
  37. joneall

    A Understanding Frame Fields in GR: A Beginner's Guide

    I'm having trouble with Rovelli's new book, partly because the info in it is pretty condensed, but also because his subjects are often very different from those in other books on GR like the one by Schutz. For one thing, he never uses the term "manifold", but talks about frame fields, which seem...
  38. Grinkle

    B Can't Avoid Invoking Preferred Frame: A Look at Free Falling Into a Black Hole

    Take this video as an example. Its an attempt to humanize the hypothetical experience of free falling into a black hole.When I consider this video, the proper time of the traveler in crossing the EH is intuitively preferred for me, and the proper time of an observer on the spaceship as they...
  39. cianfa72

    I Synchronous Reference Frame: Definition and Usage

    Hi, reading the Landau book 'The Classical theory of Field - vol 2' a doubt arised to me about the definition of synchronous reference system (a.k.a. synchronous coordinate chart). Consider a generic spacetime endowed with a metric ##g_{ab}## and take the (unique) covariant derivative operator...
  40. R

    Finding the velocity of a car in a different frame of reference

    Here's what I did so far. The velocity of the first car is ##v = v_0 +at## Frame of reference S = the road Frame of reference S' = the second car thus, v' is the speed of the first car in the frame of reference S' and v the speed in the frame of reference S. Here's what make me doubt. The...
  41. P

    I Is energy always conserved in a co-rotating frame?

    Is energy always conserved in a co-rotating/accelerating frame?
  42. Rubberduck2005

    Simple conceptual reference frame question

    If a train is moving at some constant V with a bed sitting still on top. When the train decelerates at some rate -A then the bed will move at some acceleration A. I can't seem to get an intuition for how this comes to be. I have looked online and find no help.
  43. cianfa72

    I GPS clock synchronization in ECI frame

    Hi, starting from this old thread GPS clock synchronization I've a doubt about the physical process employed to synchronize clocks bolted on GPS system satellites. We said that clock synchronization is frame dependent. In other words we must select a coordinate chart (aka reference frame) that...
  44. T

    I Two-body problem in orbiting frame

    Hi, I am interested in a system where two point mass objects 1 & 2 are orbiting each other. I want to compute the trajectory of object 2 in the orbiting but non-rotating frame centered on object 1. For some reason this confuses me... Let r2 be the position of object 2 in such orbiting frame...
  45. S

    I Does the CMB reference frame violate the Cosmological Principle?

    Studies of the Cosmic Microwave Background shows that the Earth is moving roughly 380 km/s with respect to it towards the constellation Leo I think. Yet (I think) the Cosmological Principle and the Michelson-Morely experiments suggest there is no preferred reference frame in the universe --...
  46. L

    B Inertial Frame of Ref & Forces: Understand Special Relativity

    In trying to understand a bit of special relativity, I want to make sure if I understand it correctly, and I came up with the following question: "Imagine you would know all forces in the universe acting upon an object, doesn't that give away the only real existing frame of reference (imagining...
  47. cianfa72

    I Principle of relativity for proper accelerating frame of reference

    Hi, I've a doubt about the application of the principle of relativity as follows. Assume as principle of relativity the following statement: It is impossible by any experiment performed inside a "closed" laboratory to say whether we are moving at constant velocity or staying at rest. Consider...
  48. Arman777

    Why are all values NaN after mapping 'player_name' column in Pandas Data Frame?

    I have two data frames df1 and df2 df1 has two columns 'player_name' and 'player_id'. Similarly df2 has 'player_id' column. From this configuration I want to pass 'player_name' column to df2 by using 'player_id'. For this reason I have tried something like this, df2['player_name'] =...
  49. yucheng

    Restrictions on the frame of reference

    Newton's laws only hold in intertial frames. In general, the center of mass (CM) is accelerating, so it cannot be used as a frame. However, 1. Suppose that CM is accelerating only in the ##\hat{z}## direction. Does this mean that the CM frame is still valid in the ##\hat{x}## and ##\hat{y}##...