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Relativistic quantum effects

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    Do effects like velocity time dilation and gravitational time dilation occur in probabilistic QM, are SR and GR compatible with QM?
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    Time dilation is a prediction of relativity, which accurately describes the Universe on very large scales.
    QM accurately describes the probabalistic behaviour of particles at the very smallest scales and does not predict time dilation.
    One of the biggest open questions at the moment is ... can there be a single theory from which both QM and relativity naturally emerge.
    'A theory of everything'.
    It's not so much a matter of QM and relativity being incompatible, more that they describe different things.
    QM does not naturally follow from relativity, and neither does the reverse apply.
    There is nobel prize awaiting anyone who can present an overarching theory that explains both of them.
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    A. Neumaier

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    These are not really of interest in a quantum context. What is interesting is that the color of gold or the fact that mercury is liquid at room temperature and pressure are special-relativistic quantum effects.

    It is generally believed that general relativity is compatible with quantum mechanics, too. But the form it takes is still unknown; in current research, there are competing schools (canonical gravity, loop gravity, string theory) proposing and discussing potential appropriate models. Read the threads in''beyond the standard model'' to learn about that, and post relevant questions there.
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    I would say the answer is YES. Time dilation is certainly a factor in considering quantum transition times in accelerators, for example.
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