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Relevant General Education Courses?

  1. Sep 30, 2015 #1
    I'm a first year physics and astronomy major at Ohio State(double major). I just got the information for when my scheduling window opens and I'm thinking about what kind of general education courses I should be taking. I notice that physicists are typically well versed in a lot of topics outside of physics(or at least ones that appear not too related to the physics they study). I'm currently taking an English class as a GE(so putting off foreign language). Would it be best to follow the plan given(below) and take the foreign language classes early and GEs later? What subject areas for GEs that don't contribute to my majors would be helpful, if not entirely necessary, for a physicist? Thanks!

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    Did you study a foreign language in high school? If you plan to continue studying that language in order to satisfy your foreign language requirement, then it's usually best to take your language courses early so as not to lose momentum and get rusty. If you're going to start from scratch with a different language, then it doesn't matter as much when you start.
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