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Religion stuff in the general discussion forum

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    Hello, I would like to make a complaint. Especially recently I have seen a large growth of unsupported slander of religion in the general discussion forum (I am not talking about you Honestrosewater:smile: ). In order to minimize this, all religous discussions should be automatically moved to the philosphy forum, where arguements could be better regulated. I don't see why this should not be done.
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    Religious discussions are not for the philosophy forum. Discussions of religion are closely watched and have to meet certain guidelines. You're referring to this thread https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=106797 and I disagree that there is any "unsupported slander" of religion. The thread is dealing with the Biblical old testament version of God as an opressor.
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    No, I am not talking about those, but some earlier ones, probably a week ago, which seemed to speculate without giving examples. Some of these issues, I think are too sensitive to be thrown around by a bunch of people chatting in General discussion. I will find the posts and give you some examples later when I have time. Part of the reason I responded to the Old Testiment one was because I was still mad about what was said during those threads. This current thread is nothing like those.

    Edit: The one thread that bugged the heck out of me was the one concerning the proof of Jesus' exsistence. It was not the topic, but one of the posters who needed to get some real arguements instead of spewing his hate of christianity everywhere.
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    Please let me know, we sometimes miss posts. Also, I will agree to delete posts if a person is particularly offended and it could be viewed that way by more than just the one person complaining. We have recently allowed more religious discussion, as long as it is not saying one religion is better than another, we really don't want to encourage religious discussions.
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    my mama said dont talk bout religion and politics with people,
    something to think about ;p
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    Thank you for understanding:smile:. I don't know if you caught my edit, but just to restate, there was an individual in the thread concerning proof of Jesus' exsistence, who had no real arguements but seemed to make up stuff as he went along. His only agenda seemed to slander christianity rather than speculate on the evidence. I think you can guess who he is.

    Edit/Hint: I loved his arguement on the resurrection.
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    If you see a particularly offensive post in a thread, you can use that button that looks like an exclamation point to report it to the mentors. Sometimes a single post in the middle of a thread can be missed, and, as Evo said, if it's really offensive, we can delete it.
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