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Repartition of n's and p's in nucleus

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    How do protons and neutrons behave in nucleus? Is they just sit where? Or move some how?
    or maybe jei form some form constant to that nucleus, like in solid state materials atoms forms crystal grating( I do not know how to call it in English).
    Maybe protons is more found in outside nucleus than inside because of electrons effect?
    Or maybe it stays the same as been formed and hold some information?
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    You have to go to quantum mechanics, just as the electrons in an atom neither sit still like raisins in a cake, nor circle around like planets around the sun, but they are distributed with position and momentum with probability function governed by the Shcrödinger equation (in the non relativistic treatment), google "the shell model", the protons and neutrons form shells in ENERGY space, but they have probability distribution functions (wavefunction) very similar to the atoms (google hydrogen atom wavefunctions) to see how they look)

    And yeah, regarding language; Crystal LATTICE (not gratings hehe) :-)
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