Required Essay In Physics Classes

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Now to be fair, this teacher isn't advocating such essay in all high school physics classes. In fact, he doesn't think it is practical. Still, he asked his honors physics class students to enter the DuPont essay contest.

Still, Linz has had success requiring his honors physics students to enter the DuPont Challenge, an annual competition requiring a researched 1,000-word science essay. I have never encountered a science teacher who insists on a major writing project, but it works for Linz. He likes the essay contest much better than the science fair. To him, competing experiments mean stacks of liability forms and debates about outside help. “I got tired of judging parents’ work,” Linz said.



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We used to have to write up formal lab reports in my high school physics class. It wasn't practical for every lab, but two or three a year is something the teacher could keep up with and incorporate writing assignments into the science classroom. We did the same when I taught general biology many years ago...two formal lab reports were required each semester. When students came to me complaining about having to write in a science class (and yes, we graded grammar and spelling along with the science), I just pulled out journal articles and showed them how much writing scientists need to do in their profession. It shocks me when I meet grad students who can't write, and it does them no favors that they weren't required to write outside of their English courses as an undergraduate.
I am in the aforementioned International Baccalaureate program - my junior year - and have to write a formal lab write up (but on a relatively short lab) once a week. I'm also going to be partaking in the 4,000 word paper due at the end of next year, but I have to begin my planning and experimentation now (although I hope to do the essay on a topic involving more theoretical physics.) Personally, I don't mind the extra work.
Hi I'm applying to grad school in University of Connecticut. They are asking for a writing sample/ Research essay. what is that? I'm new to the forum so don't know where to post my quetion . please help.

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