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Intro Physics How does KIP Fundamentals of Electricity compare to Purcell?

  1. Dec 30, 2015 #1
    How does KIP: Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism compare against Purcell? Are they at the same level?
    Or would focusing on Purcell be a better option?

    I took an honors EM class and are assigned text was Purcell. It was the first time our school used Purcell for an honors sequence. Previously, the honors course required only an extra project and presentation for honors credit. My instructor decided to change the rules and made Purcell the assigned text.

    The class was considered largely a failure. Students were struggling with Purcell (this is a community college). I believe he got in trouble with the department as a result. Our teacher purchased older editions of Resnick/Walker Physics and gave them to students. Resnick replaced Purcell as our main text.

    I went to get a letter of recommendation from my professor the other day, and he gave me a stack of books. I got Taylor Mechanics, Marion Thornton, Kip and two book by Griffiths. Some math methods books.

    Is it worth going over KIP if I have Purcell? I found Purcell challenging, but not impossible. Far easier then say, Spivak Calculus. Really struggling with Spivak -_-.
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    I have never looked at Kip, but it appears to be the same level as Purcell. If you already understand electromagnetic theory at that level I would think that moving on to other subjects or simply looking at higher level electromagnetism would be a better use of your time. It sounds like you were given many such books - I would look at those instead of Kip.

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    Thanks Jason for responding to my inquiry. Need to review Purcell as I did not fully complete it, due to professor changing the course material halfway through the semester.
    Probably use KIP as a supplement and nothing more.
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