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Requirements are for entering a career in physics

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    I'd like to know what the basic GENERAL requirements are for entering a career in physics. Are courses such as Humanities, or Fundamentals Of Speech ... required?

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    It varies from college to college, but most if not all schools have some sort of general education requirement that requires you to take classes in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
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    just using Georgia Tech as an example of an averagely of fairly good universities, I tried to look for the requirements and this is what I found:

    http://www.admiss.gatech.edu/transfer/coursereqs.php [Broken]

    Now, this doesn't mention any Humanities, etc. for any of their Majors branches.
    Are the requirements mentioned all the requirements that someone is supposed to have to enter to GA TECH?

    Actually, I just found this: http://www.admiss.gatech.edu/freshman/req-engscicomp.html [Broken]

    And it does mention social sciences, but what are the units supposed to be? Credits?
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    You're looking at the wrong things, the first link is of what you have to have to be admitted as a transfer student in a particular major, and the second seems to be the recommended courses taken in high school. Look at a course catalog for the school and it should list requirements for a bachelors degree in terms of necessary requirements and in terms of what is needed for a particular major.
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