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Research topics in Variable stars

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    I am an undergraduate physics & astronomy student. I am looking for a good research topic to work on for this semester. I have access to a .5 m telescope in Louisville, Ky (38 deg N), a .5 m telescope, and possibly another with a built in spectroscopy as well as photometry capabilities, both in Australia.

    I am curious as to how to find a good star for research, particularly variable but anything that could bring up interesting results would be great.

    Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated.


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    Delta Scuti stars are excellent candidates for study. They are very short period variables making them ideal for a limited term project. If you could get spectroscopic data to go with b and v band data from your local scope it could be quite interesting.
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    Thanks a lot for the idea. I will continue to look into them and see if there are any good candidates for this fall season and also if there are any previously in researches ones.

    A year ago, as a project for a lab, my group worked on HT Cas which is a 108 min period, eclipsing binary, but really didn't have too much not known about it.
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