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Researching different physics subtopics as an undergraduate

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    Is it normal for a undergraduate physics major to do undergraduate research in one physics topics for one year, then decide to study entirely different subfield of physics? For example , In my sophomore year, my may decide to join my professor's black hole research group ; but in my junior year I my interests may also be in quantum computing and may want to join that research group.

    I'm interested in many physics subfields, but I don't want to get tied down to one physics subfield my entire undegraduate year. I would like to join different research groups until I find the physics subfield that most interest me.
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    Are you worried that you've offended someone by not going back to work for them again?

    I think it's *expected* that undergrads will roam around and try different research topics.
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    I think it's for the best if you do roam around and research different stuff. You get expose to more ideas and you get to a better feel for what different subfields of physics do. It'll help you make a better decision for grad school, and hopefully make you a better candidate too.
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